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I have high amounts of calcium in urine, passed a kidney

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I have high amounts of calcium in urine, passed a kidney stone (calcium), have several more in my kidneys, have positive ANA's, and have been referred to a Rheumatologist. I originally went to a primary care doctor because I felt achy, tired, and suffer from chronic diarrhea, which all started after the flu in January. I am only 20 years old. Passing the kidney stone was brutal - two visits to ER. Do not want to go through that again. I am being treated for that by a urologist. Could all this be related? Why do people have alot of calcium in their body? Apparently my thyroid is working fine....

Hello from JustAnswer!

You report the following: hypercalciuria (excess calcium in urine) with calcium kidney stones; positive ANA tests; body aches; fatigue; chronic diarrhea. The positive ANA tests do tend to point toward a connective tissue/autoimmune condition, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (often simply called lupus) or sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis can alter vitamin D metabolism, resulting in increased absorption of intestinal calcium, hypercalciuria, calcium deposition in the kidney (nephrocalcinosis), and possibly calcium kidney stone formation (calcium nephrolithiasis). Lupus can cause nephritis (kidney inflammation), but, in contrast to sarcoidosis, it does not usually involve kidney stone formation. Bone/joint and muscle pains often occur with connective tissue diseases. Marked fatigue is a common symptom reported with both lupus and sarcoidosis. Digestive system problems, including diarrhea, are common in lupus; gastrointestinal symptoms are rare in sarcoidosis unless a secondary condition is present (e.g., celiac disease, Crohn's disease, Whipple's disease, carcinoid tumor). Based on the data above, it is certainly possible that all of your symptoms are due to a single underlying condition. Your rheumatologist will work with you to determine the cause of the positive ANA tests, perhaps revealing a link to all of your concerns.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was now told I have high antiscleroderma-70 antibodies and also high anti-centromere B antibodies. they say to have both high levels is rare. They are now giving me potent medicine methrotax ? plus folic acid and doxycycline.
I am to go back in six weeks....they say I most likely have scleroderma because of the achy joints, and swollen cold fingers. Now what do I do? I still have the kidney stones too.