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I am 57, post menopausal, and have a complex cyst that is

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I am 57, post menopausal, and have a complex cyst that is now 3.6 cm, growing from 2.5 cm simple cyst in February. I have no pain or other problems, but do have fibroids in my uterus also. I have been referred to an ob/gyn/oncologist for an exam. I will get in two weeks after the ultrasound from the my primary care physician. I am scared to death, is there a possibility this is not cancer?
The likelihood of cancer is low with a cyst less than 5 cm, and a complex cyst could be anything from blood to a dermoid cyst, but unlikely to be cancer.
I however, recommend that you get this ovary Removed to lessen the likelihood of cancer to actually develop and if you are menopausal, you really should not have fibroids because they tend to shrink in menopause - so having a hysterectomy would be wise too.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can the fibroids be cancer?
Fibroids are almost universally benign, and fibroids are usually cancerous if they are fast growing and this would be called leiomyosarcoma - but very unlikely you have cancerous fibroids.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The fact that I had the ultrasound on a Friday, dr. called and said she was "concerned on Saturday morning and will get into the ob/gyn/oncologist within a little over two weeks the cyst could still be non cancerous? I guess the word "concern" got me, but I have also been told it would have been sooner into the ob/gyn/oncologist if they thought it was a serious fast growing cancer, is that also correct? Thanks for answering, I just am so scared and obsessing over this until next Monday, June 7th. Thanks.
You had a simple cyst in Feb and so very unlikely this would change in just a few months from simple all the way to cancer - very unlikely. Also, this is something that a General Ob/Gyn like myself who can take care of, this does not necessarily require you to be seen by a Gynecologist-Oncologist - but it is okay that you can get seen by a gyn-onc.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I had been seeing a hematologist/oncologist for anemia since July of 2009 and three weeks ago he basically cleared me as my anemia was cleared up. I had two scopes that was recommended by the hematologist, first one showed adhesions on esophagus from acid reflux and after being treated with daily meds the second scope was good. I also have a hiatal hernia that doesn't need to have anything done to it. I also had a total hip replacement in August of 2009 and before that was on a lot of 800 Motrin for the pain. The fact that my bloodwork was good in the middle of May, a week before the ultra sound, can that be a good sign for that ovarian cyst or is there no relation to that via blood if I did not have a CA 125 done with that blood work?
Anemia blood work really has no indication of ovarian cancer or cyst - and I would not really recommend a CA-125 at this time until the ultrasound PICTURES themselves are reviewed by the ob/gyn (general or oncologist) because there are MANY false positive CA-125's.