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Dr. Hasan
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I have constant fatigue and feeling of being

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I have constant fatigue and feeling of being unbalanced/dizziness. Just wondering if this is a sign of being overly tired or something more serious? It is pretty much constant.....these symptoms I've had for a very long time. Also, another symptom is hard to focus my eyes, eyes feel very heavy , tired.


Sorry to hear about your problem.

Do you have anyother associated symptoms like hearing loss, ringing or buzzing in the ear.

What do you feel while being dizzy i.e. you just feel unsteady or the room seems to rotating.

How long this attack remains once it begin?

Are there peroids when you feel completely ok?

Do you have any eyesight problem?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sometimes, not frequently , I have some ringing in the ears that lasts just a few seconds. My dizziness/feeling of being unbalance is not like the room spinning, instead just feeling like someone just spun me around in circles for a while and, therefore, feeling off balance'sort of spinning. It stays with me literelly all day long....the more tired I feel, the stroner the symptoms. I usually feel okay first thing when I wake up, also when staying in the same position/not really moving around. I don't know of any eyesight problems...I seem to see really well, however, I squint a lot because I feel more balanced /steady when I do squint my eyes.

You are most likely suffering from some ear problem and thats is causing these symptoms most likely. I am a consultant ENT specialist and usually come across such patients.

You need to visit ENT doctor in your area who will evaluate you by doing clinical exam and audiometric and imaging investigations if required to rule out any neurological cause.

Ear problems usually take time to settle and need special precautions.

Eye problems are also associated with ear problem because of the coordination between the tracts going from ear and eye to brain.

All the best

Lot of prayers for you and your sweet kids


Dr Hasan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your advice! I haven't mentioned yet to you that I have reoccuring Sinus infections...I have seen regular doctors, one specialist several yrs. ago and am now awaiting to be referred to another one. I've been convinced that my sinus problems are what are causing this, but these docors take my words very lightly. I've been on anti-biotics for these severe sinus infections numerous times and one time, a walk-in doctor had told me that I would need surgery if I were to get another infection. Since this remark, several yrs. have passed and my current family physician is very "slow-moving" to get any of this resolved...just prescribing antibiotics and nasal sprays is all she's done for me. I know that it is in the ear where a doctor locate such a sinus inection/sinus problems so I'm not suprised that you described my problem likely relating to my ears. I broke my nose as a is noticable even now. I have a bump on my nose and my breathing/passage or air is not good. I was told by this same walk-in doctor yrs. ago that these sinus infections are most likely caused because of my nose being broken. You had mentioned that I should see an ENT....sorry, just wondering what this is? Thank you again for your help......reassurance is such a nice thing. Could you please let me know what are your thoughts on Sinuses being the cause of my symptoms. Thanking you in advance Dr. Hasan.

Yes very right. ENT is together because ear nose and throat are connected to each other. There is a possibilty that your sinus prob might have affected your ear and now that ear is giving these problems.

Anyhow visit your ENT again and ask for ear tests also. And i am sure you will get fine after getting proper treatment.


Your well wisher

Dr Hasan

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