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Valarie, Nurse (RN)
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I got a knee replacement 3 months ago. Rehabed agressively

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I got a knee replacement 3 months ago. Rehabed agressively very good results. Went to the golf driving range two Saturday's ago, then played racquetball the following Sunday. Everything felt great...performed well and no pain or anything else that might indicate a problem. The following Tues felt twinge in middle back, and toes were tingling. Both got progressively worse. A week later my back blewup causing debilitating pain (now getting chiropractic treatment which is helping). However, tingling has expanded and now involves entire foot (feet - both), fingers (now hands), tongue, top of mouth, lips and more recently my nose. Went to an MD and got blood tests. All was normal except I was low on B12 - 319 but within the "normal" 200-900 range. Have taken 1 B12 shot yesterday. Seems the blood tests rule out diabetes, hypocalcemia. All of this within a 2 week time frame.

I usually have one or two drinks in the evening... mostly beer but sometimes wine or a mixed drink.

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.


Do you take any medications (prescription or OTC)?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was taking Vicoden when rehabing my knee. I had discontinued for about a month before tingling began and was using ibuprofen intermittantly, when necessary. I am now again using ibuprofen and vicoden to manage my back pain. I am not taking any other medications.

I assume you cannot make a precise diagnosis, but a list of possibilities would be nice so I can research and match my symptons to the list. I am concerned that as I am waiting for the B12 to help further irreversible damage may be occuring, and I may need to take immediate action. Any informatilon will be appreciated.

Your symptoms seem to match a B12 deficiency. Your back pain could be related but is probably coincidental. Since chiropractic is helping, this was most likely an injury or overuse issue with your back muscles.


B12 deficiencies are more common than most people realize. To absorb and utilize B12 from food you need stomach acid and "intrinsic factor". As we age, the stomach acid production can decline, or your stomach can have some inflammation that impairs the intrinsic factor production. This can be remedied by taking B12 supplements, even by mouth. In studies, B12 supplements in oral form has been shown to be better absorbed than B12 from food.


Taking antacids, acid reducing medications and laxatives can also impair absorption of B12.


Any other problems that would cause numbness and tingling all over would be neurological in origin. So if the B12 doesn't help you, you should get a referral to a neurologist. Your symptoms could also be due to nerves being impinged in your spine, but you would probably have to have multiple areas of problems for all areas that affected, starting in the cervical spine. An MRI might show some problems, if your doctor feels it is warranted.


Here is some good information about B12 levels and supplements.



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