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Vakul Aren
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For the last couple months I have been having upper back

Resolved Question:

For the last couple months I have been having upper back pain. I went for a chest xray a few about six or seven months ago and they found a calcification on my lung. They said it was nothing, but to come back in six months to make sure things were still ok. I cannot go for xrays now because I am 51/2 months pregnant. I have been noticing that I get short of breath eaisly now. Today I was in the shower and got a pain in my stomach and felt short of breath I had to lay down for it to go away. I am worried that it may be a possible heart or pulminary problem. I want to know if this is pregnancy related or if it is another problem. If it could be what are some other tests that could be done to determine this. I am a smoker. I smoke about a pack to a pack and a half a day when I wasn't pregnant the most I smoke a day now is ten
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 7 years ago.
Hello.Shortness of breath will occur during pregnancy due to the body becoming more sensitive to the CO2 levels in the blood.The ribcage goes higher and the body tends to tire easily.s the abdomen gets bigger due to a bulky uterus,the difficulty in breathing will become more.This shortness of breath is normal unless it comes suddenly and without provocation in which case you need to see your doctor at the earliest.Smoking during pregnancy is a bad idea as it will affect your health and oput the baby at risk too.The risk may be in the form of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and increased dangers in prematurity,as also loss of fertility in males later on in life,attention deficit syndrome,and other health problems.Ideally you need to stop smoking ,it may also be a contributing factor in your shortness of breath.Problems like Anaemia,Pulmonary Embolism,CCF will need to be ruled out.
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