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I quit my CNA job 30 mins before my shift was over due to

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I quit my CNA job 30 mins before my shift was over due to harrasment by a nurse. I had several instances with this nurse and reported it all to the DON in the previous weeks. I had put in my two weeks to leave with what dignity I had left and 3 days before I was to be done I had an altercation and had to leave the facility. Now they are threatning my CNA Cert. I really need answers now because I'm about to have a nervous breakdown and get a team of lawyers set up.
Welcome to JustAnswer Health...and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert ( I am a DIrector of Nursing )and am delighted to help you today. Is the offense in question the fact that you left 30 minutes prior to your shit ending? If so...did you announce your plans to leave to anyone? to the Charge Nurse?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the reason I am at risk of losing the certification is solely due to me leaving prior, I told a coworker i was leaving. It all happened so fast, I will be truly devastated if I lose it. I dont know if the DON is the one to pull the plug on my future or if it is out of her hands. All i know is that there have been many other instances far worse by other former employees and not one lost their certification.
First of all, she can't pull any plugs. All she can do is report you to the department of regulation ( who ever that may be in your particular state) who will then decide if an investigation is in order, and if so you will be contacted and have adequate opportunity to explain what happened. I personally have NEVER seen a CNA's certificatiion revoked for abandonment when a fellow employee was told that he/she was leaving ( even if it was only a minute's notice) I really don't think you have too much to be worried about. But please... rehash this in your mind and don't let it happen again. Your first duty is to the patient... no matter how upset you may become. Finish your shift, then discuss the matter with your supervisor. I hope this helps you to feel better.. please let me know if I can help further:-)
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