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Macy RN
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My son is coughing which homeopathic treatment can i give

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my son is coughing which homeopathic treatment can i give

his cough is wet in the morning (mucus) then dry,
when he lies in the bed he start to cough. he likes to drink warm milk with honey. he has no fever and he has only the coughing nothing else.
when he running he began to cough.


Welcome to Just Answer. I am happy to help you.

Can you tell me how long this has been going on?

In the morning when his cough is wet does he cough up anything? What color is it?

Do you ever hear him wheeze when he breathes?

Thanks so much.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi macy

it startet on thursday, he played with water in an cold day at the outside at the childcare. yes he cough up, but the color couldn´t i see, because he didn´t understand that he shouldn´t swallow it. an he is sneezing.
when we clean the nose his mucus is clear till white, i don´t know if that will help.
he was never wheeze.

Thursday yesterday or a week ago?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

macy we are or he is since january sick 3 weeks than healthy, then sick again. i am tired that my children are sick.

can i give him something that makes his immune system stronger with homeopathyc treatments?

thanks so much

Since it started yesterday he could indeed just have a cold. However nighttime coughing and coughing when running could also be a sign of asthma. It could be a variant form that only shows itself when your son has a cold. I suggest that you do see his Pediatrician for evaluation.

Milk can increase mucus so limit his milk intake if possible for a few days. Honey on a spoon can actually help quiet his cough.

When your children's cold is in the initial stages then the following at home natural remedies can help your child's body to fight back and can also aid boosting their immune systems.
1. Lots of fluids including chicken soup, tea, broth, or clear liquids can help clear out the mucus that has developed as a result of the irritants.
2. A cool mist humidifier can help with the discomfort of a scratchy throat and with stuffy noses.

3. Steam: from a shower for 10 minutes can also help relieve congestion.
4. A saline nasal wash is particularly great for children of all ages and particularly young ones, who can't blow their noses. Drops are placed in each nostril and a suction bulb pulls mucus out of the nose. Saline nasal spray or even your own concoction (a dosage syringe obtained through your local pharmacy filled with diluted saline in water) is a must for children's colds and for adults too. It helps to relieve stuffiness and thin out the mucus which ultimately promotes healing.
5. Lots of rest. The common cold can be weary on a little person's body so it's important that they get plenty of rest.
6. Vitamin C.

Hope this helps. I know how hard it is when you little one is ill,.

Of coarse if he worsens with difficulty breathing or high fever or not drinking or eating go to the ER.

Best WIshes,


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
when we go here to Pediatrician he gives the children only amoxicillin nothing else. should i give everytime that antibiotic??? i think thats not right!!! it works, but for one week.

Did you son have this before? Is this an illness has had all the time?

I understood you to say that it started yesterday.

Too much of an antibiotic can make someone develop resistance to that antibiotic. If there is a bacterial infection then anothe antibiotic could be used. If it helps for a week only then a different( stronger) antibiotic could be needed. The coughing does need to be evaluated for asthma and it is possible that a breathing treatment could help.

I wanted to let you know on this too since I have already discussed the homeopathic way to go.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No in past he has never this illness!

i will only go the homeopathic and natural way. and so i need someone who can say wich remedy can i take.

Some things that can help strengthen the immune system would be:


Essential fatty acids



b complex

Vitamin c

Astragalus boosts the immune system but do not take in the presence of fever.

Bayberry, fenugreek, hawthorn, horehound.

Echinacea- do not use if there is an autoimmune disorder.

oil of oregano.

No sugar ( weakens the immune system within 20 mins of ingesting)

Avoid processed foods

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

Go organic if possible.

Food allergies could be to play also. . Food elimination diet?

Hope this helps.

Macy RN and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what is meaned by food elimantion diet?

my son has no allergies to food