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Nurse Milli, RN
Nurse Milli, RN, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  20 years experience in many areas of Nursing. Both Hospital and Private Practice experience.
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Sorry I was having trouble.Is the any medical condition the

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Sorry I was having trouble.Is the any medical condition the has the systoms of porn obession.He has been to the doctor all they did was give him viagra It made it worse.He also has erectile disfuntion.He has not been the same person for 2 years now It has gotten worse.He is trying to have sex with men and women he does not know.

Hi there and thank you for posing your question here today.

Porn obsession is treated as an addiction. The person is addicted to the rush of chemicals within the body as they view something that they find pleasurable (it has been compared to cocaine addiction because of similar neurochemical activity in the brain.) Just as someone who is addicted to sex, they find great pleasure in how they feel as they are having sex. It's a real problem when it starts to interefere with everyday life as it has your husband....and especially in this era where porn is so easily accessible now because of the internet and it makes his addiction easy and convenient to feed. He will need behavioral therapy with his addiction and will need to have a support system for this before he loses more than his job.

Hope this helps...reply back if needed.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He has been having fainting spells for years.Do you think this could be related?Or do you think he is really gay.He is very abusive and has a very bad anger problem.We have been married 17 years.He has never been like this before.He trys to hide the fact he is seeing men.He will not go to therapy.I have begged him over and over to get some help.I don't know how to help him.He will admit he has a problem at times and other times he calls me a liar and says i'm the crazy one.I'm so worried.He leaves home for days at a time.He is also staying up with no sleep for days at a time.I can't tell his family.they think he does no wrong and they hold me responable for any thing that goes wrong.Its hard to leave my home after this many years.We have no children thats a blessing.Thank You for listening.Do you think he could be bi polar?

No, fainting would not be related to this. Unfortunately, if he is unwilling to seek therapy (help), that is where the hope ends. It sounds like he does have gay tendancies, but if he is still having sex with you, then he is bi-sexual. I realize it is very hard to leave this situatuion, but if this is abusive in any way, you will need to find the courage to find help and support to get out of this situation. This definitely does not seem to be a healthy relationship and you are correct....not having children involved is good. But don't forget that YOU are involved, and that is enough. Bi-polar could be a possibility too - from his sleep patterns and bizarre behavior.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I do not sleep with him any more.Im to scared of diease.and he can't get an erection even with viagar.So I can only imagine what he is doing to the other person when he is having sex with them.I don't understand a person that can't get it up being so obessed with sex and porn.thanks for your help.I know i should have already left him.Its just hard to think you know someone for so long but now you don;t know him at all.

Thanks for the reply back. I know this is a very very difficult situation for you. It will take a great deal of strength and courage for you to better yourself out of this situation and by you writing in tonight, you have already made the first step....and you should be commended. Just take baby steps and start with a plan. You have to have a plan in order to proceed with things like this and often requires guidance by someone who is trained in areas such as this that can work with you -one on one- and help you get out.

I wish you all the best and hope things turn out well for you in the end.