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Back in January, my bowel habits changed to being difficult

Customer Question

Back in January, my bowel habits changed to being difficult to pass and thick. I would see bright red blood most of the time, that disappeared after defacation. I also could see balls of I am assuming was white mucus after and draining puss. I then developed intense itching and red inflamation and cuts along the outside of my vagina in the lips/folds, with no odor or discharge. I got sick, had an antibiotic and the vaginal symptoms went away. I did have what looked like red/blue bulges outside my anus that have since gone away, however...I am still having a hard time passing stools. When the stool finally comes out, it is large and thick in texture when I wipe. I still will have the occassional red blood after wiping as well. I don't feel any lumps except when I clean myself in my vagina. It feels as though I could not pass the stool(s) out completely, and that is what is left in the anal passage; the lump in the vagina will dissappear after I go again. After I go, it feels as though there is pressure pressing down on my anus. I have never been one to drink alot of fluids, I just don't get thirsty enough. I am also iron deficient anemic. I never had hemmerhoids with either of my children (16 and 3 yrs of age), so I don't know what they feel like. Not sure if I should wait to change my diet which is very poor right now due to my work schedule and start drinking more fluids to see if that will change anything, or what doctor to goto. My mother has Chron's, my 16 yr old has Ulcerative Colitis (now colitis), and my Granmother has Diverticulitis. Any info would be appreciated.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 7 years ago.


Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. If I am understanding you correctly, you feel a lump within your vagina associated with passing stools. Is that correct?