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A. Schuyler, NP
A. Schuyler, NP, Nurse Practitioner
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified NP, MS, RN. 25 years private practice & hospitalist
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Hard to describe this, just wondered what you think it is.

Resolved Question:

Hard to describe this, just wondered what you think it is. Is it indigestion or nervous indigestion.
Mainly get this when I am nervous or over eated. But its like a knot feeling in my stomach, then almost like a rush of gas in your windpipe! like its trapped wind trying to get out.. like you want to bang your chest or back to clear it. Only time it goes is if I then have a glass of coke say or have a good old burp. It isnt painful etc... and I dont get it often just wondered what it could be.
FInd it annoying as when I get it I tend panic when I get the feeling! (i used to suffer panick attacks) so I guess if I knew what it was I could put logic in my head and ignore it!!!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 7 years ago.


Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. Both overeating and eating too fast can cause this type of symptom. Swallowing air along with the food when in a rush or wolfing down too much food can result in belching, or the feeling of wanting to belch. Having an anxiety disorder (as evidenced by your former panic attacks) makes the digestive system just a little more sensitive to even mild abuse. It isn't anything to particularly worry about. Eating slower and taking time to savor the food, and - of course - eating in moderation should eliminate the symptoms. It takes about 20 minutes from the first bite for your stomach to register that you are fed, so taking a little more time to eat your meals will reduce the temptation to overeat. I'm glad to hear you no longer suffer panic attacks :-)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes my panic attacks are a thing of the past thank goodness! but I still over react to normal things. I am pregnant you see so digestive system is even worse:) i just sometimes hate that gassy feeling! i am okay once it clears but it feels abit like air rushing about! so I panic and think I am going to die then burp!!!

i find that once i know what causes something i can ignore the symptoms if that makes sense.

Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 7 years ago.

That makes perfect sense! Education about anything makes it less scary. Understanding what is happening to your body eliminates the fright aspect. It is also common for pregnant women to feel gassy. Just take your time eating. Some women find that eating small meals several times a day works better for them rather than sticking to three bigger meals a day. Congrats on the pregnancy!

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