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My wife had two parathyroid glands removed in Aug.

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My wife had two parathyroid glands removed in Aug. of 09.She had hyperparathyroidism, calcium levels have been up and down. With three calcium 600 mg with vitamin D. In Oct. the DR. added one calcitriol .5mcg. Calcium levels still rising and falling. 11.9 (no calcium for a week). On Mar.6th. calcium was 8.3. Dr added two calcitriol + 3 calcium 600+D-3 1000IU.Since then she has been weak,nauseated,lathargic,dizzy, unsteady feet while walking.Why is she feeling like this? She has lost her smile, we want it back!

Hello, od7ted3, my name isXXXXX am a Registered Nurse (BSN) with 24 years experience in Med/Surg, ICU, Neurosurgery and Behavioral Health and I would be happy to help you find some answers.


All the symptoms you have described are symptoms of hypercalcemia. Her last test was on March 6, 2010. It has been approximately 3 weeks since the doctor raised her calcium dose.


It is difficult to overdose on calcium but I would not take that chance since her levels have been high before.


I would call the prescriber today. Tell them of your wife's symptoms and that you think her calcium level maybe too high.


In the meantime, if she is dizzy and weak, make sure that when she changes position that she does it slowly for example from a sitting position to a standing position she should not move away from the chair until she feels it it safe to do so. If possible, someone should be with her to maintain her safety to make sure she does not injure herself.


What calcium is not used by the bones is removed by urination and defecation. Make sure she drinks plenty of water, that her bowel habits have not changed. If she is constipated, increase the fiber in her diet as well. I would also check to make sure she is not eating or drinking foods that are high in calcium unless the doctor is aware of how much nutritional calcium she ingests daily.


I would also let her doctor know that you want another calcium level drawn asap and for further suggestions on how to manage her symptoms. The doctor may do an electrocardiogram as a high level of calcium may affect her heart rhythm. She should not take her calcium supplements at least 8-12 hours before the test.


You may want to get a second opinion. This is not an unusual practice and your doctor will not mind.


I hope that your wife's smile returns and remains there!





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Edited by Devra K on 4/1/2010 at 5:22 PM EST
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Hello again,

If you would like to follow up with me I would be delighted to help. You can use the link to the question from today, and it should go directly to me. If I am offline, someone who is online may answer your question and if you feel that the answer helps, great. If not just reply that you would rather have me answer.



I am sending this as a "need information" request just in case you have lost the link to your question, that way you can follow up with me as needed. You can reply to it at any time even if it is months later. Do not send it as a new question because you will be charged for it.


There are experts in the health category that are extremely competent and excellent with follow ups, just in case you need assistance that is beyond my knowledge base. If that happens, I will ask for their assistance but will let you know in advance who will be answering. These experts are the ones I would go to for my own medical care.


In the meantime, I hope your wife feels better soon and the endocrinologist can help so that this does not occur again.