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Dr.  RK
Dr. RK, Doctor (MD)
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I have been having right sided upper quadrant pain that on

Resolved Question:

I have been having right sided upper quadrant pain that on occasion goes through to my right shoulder. It is a dull pain generally. it is sometime there and sometimes not. I can pass and come back. I dont have any other symtoms other than the pain movind don to the lower right just above the groin (gall bladder?)

I drink to much alcohol, wines and beer each night. I have gillberst syndrome.

Have i got liver damage? pancreatic? Gall bladder?

Is it my ibs or gillberts?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 7 years ago.
Greetings and welcome,

How long are the symptoms?
any associated fever, vomitting?
did you consult a doctor yet?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No fever, No Vomiting

Not seen a Dr Yet


Had a liver ultrasound 2.5yrs ago and all clear along with a endoscopy, clear.


I had originally gone to the Dr with the lower pain and after tests resulted in IBS and Gillberts syndrome.


I had a blood test 1 year ago that showed ecess alcohol in my liver GBT? above normal values of around 20%


I have not reduced my alcohol intake though. I drink everynight



Expert:  Dr. RK replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for information,

There are some common causes of such right side upper abdomen pain.The common ones are colitis, hepatitis, gall bladder stobes, cholecystitis, constipation, kidney stones etc.

Since you are taking alcohol daily so the chances of abnormal liver test may be there.The alcoholi hepatitis may cause such pain.

The other possibility could be the cholecystitis which may also be associated with such pain radiating to right shoulder region.

You should have the relevant investigations done like liver function test, upper abdomen sonography , blood examination, stool examination to know the associated abnormality after consulting your doctor/gastroenterologist.

The treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Here is the link for more information

causes of upper abdomen pain

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Thank you!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you


If my tests say 1 year - 15 months ago showed raised alcohol levels gbt in my liver and i have continued to drink a bottle of wine per night , this would have worsened yes?


Also as my liver scan 3 yrs ago was normal, could it be different now or would it have showed some damage then? ie do you think I could have liver cancer or a chonic disease with is not reversable or is it more likely to be acute which can be helped?

Expert:  Dr. RK replied 7 years ago.
The daily chronic alcohol intake over years may worsen the liver function and you should avoid taking alcohol daily.

The liver function test is advised to you for knowing the present status.The liver scan may show different since it has been over 3 years and also you are taking alcohol daily.

The other causes as mentioned should also be ruled out.The treatment is according to the cause.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Thank you!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



My liver is not tender to touch but my belly feels swollen, how likely is it that it is my liver in your experience?

Expert:  Dr. RK replied 7 years ago.
The physical examination and liver function test along with sonography of liver will be helpful in arriving at the diagnosis.

The other causes like colitis, gas distension should also be ruled out as it may also cause such symptoms of pain.

The treatment is according to the cause.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Thank you!
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