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Susan RN
Susan RN, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  RN DNP, nurse educator since 1996,hospital RN 10 yrs,Advd practice, OB/Peds,Pharm, medical
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Extreme Fatigue, Persistent Fever, Pain in the upper left

Resolved Question:

Extreme Fatigue, Persistent Fever, Pain in the upper left side of abdomen (right under the rib) only when I breath in really deep or cough or sneeze, loss of appetite and weight loss, tiny red dots on feet that go away in a couple of days, menstrual bleeding for 6 months (about to have laporoscopy to find out why) CBC shows low WBC, low Neut (37), high lymph (56.1) and manual diff shows 47% lymphocytes. none of my docs will say ANYTHING, just more blood tests and telling me to rest. I am exhausted all the time and am constantly fighting off a fever with no other flu symptoms. what could this be?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan RN replied 7 years ago.
Have they checked you for mononucleosis?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No ma'am. That CBC was done at the ER when the pain was very bad and the fever was very high. The doc there said she thought it might be my kidneys but said needed more follow-up. She didn't suggest Mononucleosis. They tested for flu and did a chest x-ray which all came back normal.

Expert:  Susan RN replied 7 years ago.
The mono spot or a separate tests would be done to check for mono. With the prolonged period that could explain some of your fatigue but the fever and such don't seem to fit that profile. Do you have any other medical conditions or take any medicines?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No. I am seeing a gyn who has diagnosed endometrial hyperplasia, did a biopsy on Friday don't have results yet. Doing a laproscopy in 2 weeks to "figure out" the cause of the bleeding if biopsy comes back normal. The gyn didn't say much about fever and other symptoms that's why I am going to a primary care NP tomorrow to discuss that line because I don't know if they're related.

Expert:  Susan RN replied 7 years ago.
You could have a viral infection which would cause your symptoms however the pain in your belly concerns me. Have you been having any heartburn or a burning pain in your stomach area?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No. Pelvic pain but I assumed it was due to the bleeding issue. The pain on left side is ne came with the fever. Also forgot to say that they checked my urine several times and there is always 100 + wbc but no bacteria ever grow. Don't have any symptoms of uti. No other stomach pain to speak of just that stabbing on the left side when I expand my abdomen.
Expert:  Susan RN replied 7 years ago.
Are they going to do more test on your kidneys? I am at a loss right now until you get more lab results back. I would continue to keep in contact with your doctor, drink plenty of fluids, change positions slowly, and eat food rich in iron. That will help with the anemia that will likely result from the long period. YOu may want to take a vitamin supplement as well. Tylenol for pain. If you would like for me to opt out so another health expert can try to help you, I will. Let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No ma'am youakve been very helpful. Thank you so much for your time. I'm exhausted so I'm going to go to sleep. Thank you again.
Expert:  Susan RN replied 7 years ago.
you are welcome. Please click the accept button if this has been helpful. I will keep in prayers.
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