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Dr J Burk
Dr J Burk, Doctor (MD)
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Can sumone get back to me asap please.... very very worried

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can sumone get back to me asap please....hello there very very worried as lat nite i got the itch up on my upperarm near my shoulder and so so so worried as it got the intense itchying feeling and when i went to scrach it it was not itchy at all and now i am getting the same thing on my other side and what can this be from s it come one other time and went away and this time it was come bak every 30 secs what is wong with me and could i have aids... and so so scared as i use my dildos every day as i work live online to earn money and after i have finshed wih the toy then i get the soreness in my pelivc area what is wrong with my also i get the itching everywhere as well... whats going on with me


These symptoms are in no way consistent with any sexually acquired infection.

Please do not worry.

Dr Jef

Please get back to me if you need to.

Your risk of STIs would be associated with unprotected sexual intercourse - if you are not sexually active in this way you have no risk at all.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hey there i am so so so scared tht i could have aids and so so so scared to go and get tested and what symptoms ould i have if i did have aids.... and is aids common as me and my partner do anal unprotected ans so so so scared tat we have caught aids and to scared to go and get tested as that will ruin my life knowing i have aids and i will be dying soon


Sounds to me that you have a problem with anxiety more than anything else.

If you feel you have been exposed to any STD then for sure get tested.

Your symptoms are not , at all , consistent with a HIV infection never mind full blown AIDS.

There are lots of treatments now for HIV - so much so that it is now regarded as more of a chronic illness , like diabetes. Certainly I have quite a few of my own patients with HIV and none have died in the last 10 years since I took up my post.

Dr Jef

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hey j burk i am very very worried as 4 weeks ago i do a enema and i had to flush myself out 10 times b4 it come clear and now i am very very worried that i cant shit that well anymore as i did myself like 3 days in a row with the enema and so so worried as i cant poo that well anymore.. i saw a doctor yesterday and he stuck one of his fingers up my bum and said he could feel alittle bit of poo up there but not much and he asked if i really clean it out and i said yes till it went clear and then he sent me for a xray on my tummy and there are these black shades there and dont know what theyu could be could u tell me what they could be at all.... also the doctor told me if i did it 4 weeks ago hen there maybe still nothing here is that true as i thought about i have ate a fair bit between then and now so what is wrong with meso worrie and i did the enema that u use with warm water a put this thing on a end of a tube up ur bum and then u pump the water in.... and i would do about 20 pumps to get up intp my bowel and then i would go to the toliet 2 mins later if i could hold it if i couldnt then i would do it straight away if i couldnt hold it... whats wrong with me so so so worried and scared why i cant really poo anymore...

Nice to hear from you.

Why on earth are you giving yourself enemas???

Dr Jef
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i did it as me and my partner wanted to do anal so i cleaned my bowel out first and i saw the doctor today and she said that on he report from the xray that i still have sum mass on my right side but my left side was clear and i didnt know a emana would stop me from pooing... and so so worried and how do i get the mass out of my right side of my bowel... and the doctor said tha if it dont clear then i will hae to have a thing where hey lok up inside my bowel and i am so so so scared and can you please help me asap thanks tesa


Can I ask what symptoms you have and what sort of x-ray you had?

Dr Jef

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i had a xray on my abdome and the doctor told me i still have a fair bit of mass in my right side of my bowel and that the left side with clear still from the emema so so worried and dont really have any symptoms only passing wind and last nite i had a belly ache and breathlessness and thats it....