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PCOS and they did a ultrasound and i want back to my doctor..OBGYN

Customer Question

My name isXXXXX really need some help in dec my doctor said that i may have PCOS and they did a ultrasound and i want back to my doctor and he said yes i had PCOS but said he really cant read a ultrasound. he put me on metformin in dec 500 mg a day. i want to OBGYN and that doctor told me that i dont have PCOS and he said that he wanted me to take 1000mg ( 500 mg twice a day ) and told me to take clomid 50mg on days 3-7 and i was like oh kay thats fine. my period last month came on the 5th of feb and lasted in till about the 12th and that would mean i would have ovulate on the 19 and i had sex from 13th of feb to the 16th of feb and no sex on the 17 and 18 of feb. and then had sex on the 19 to the 22 of feb. well this weekend i started spotting on the 26th not alot just a little bit and the same on the 27th and the 28 nothing. and today 1st of march i am blooding more. and i dont know when i should take the clomid? can anyone help.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
Hello NIcole,
Okay, here is what I do as an ob/gyn.
I recommend taking Metformin 1500mg per day.
Take Clomid 100mg on day 5 through day 9 (so 5 days total).
Have sex on day 12 through day 16 of your cycle.
I hope this helps, if you have additional quesitons, please ask and Please click on ACCEPT, thank you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello Brad,
Well I dont know when to take it. cause i dont know if this is my period or not. i dont want to take this is not my period.and if it is then its early. I have been TTC for a year now. the doctor at the OB/GYN ( i live on a military post) said that he think i should start on 50mg and see how it works. but I am just so lost with this whole thing. i get what your saying but the metformin make me run to the bathroom every few min and right after i eat on a 1000 mg and he told me to try and keep taking it at 1000mg and if i could not handle it then to go back to 500mg... i mean i think this is my period but i never had a period like this cause its early and i spotted for friday and saturday and nothing at all on sunday and now i am blooding...
and he told me that i should take it on the 3rd day cause the 3rd day is your real peiod and then to go to the lab for blood work i guess on day 20 dose this sound right or should i go and see someone other then him.
thanks nicole
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
If you are not having regular periods, then you might need provera 10 mg per day for 7 days to start your period. And, when you start your bleeding - count this as the FIRST day, and then start the Clomid 100mg on day 5 until day 9 - (50mg of clomid will not do anything - I have never seen 50mg work). Also, many obgyn use different days to use the clomid - but where I work, all 44 ob/gyns that I work with ALL use the day 5 through 9 cycle).
If you have additional questions, please ask and please click on ACCEPT, thank you.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just talk to my OB/GYN doctor and he told me that i could start the clomid today but he would like me to start tomorrow. but today i was on the web to see when i was ovulating. and i did a few date from the time i started my period to see if i was ovulating. and from yesterday but i took a OPK and the line was a little pink. really light. do you think i should take the clomid today.
when is the best time to take it?
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
Well, the best time to start clomid is day 5 through day 9 at 100 mg per day - NOT when you are about to ovulate - you need to give clomid about a week prior to ovulation.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Can taking Clomid make your period come late?

cause i have yet to get a period and i am now on 18 days late.

i took a at home test and it was neg. and had blood work on the 30th of march my period should have been here on the 26th of march. and the blood worked came back neg. but he told me to come back this friday for blood work. should have ask him to do a ultasound?

Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
Clomid really does not have an affect on your period, but if you have a persistant ovarian cyst caused by clomid, this can delay your period.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Do you think i need to get a ultasound done?


but i been feeling sick when i eat and always having to use the bathroom.

and i have a few more sign .


i really dont know what to do

Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
You should only need an ultrasound if you are having pain.
But, with other symptoms that you are having I would recommend an exam by your doctor.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i had cramping for two week and now it only when i am doing things.
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
Given you say you have PCOS - I would recommend having this evaluated by an ob/gyn for ovarian cysts.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
my ob/gyn said that i did not have PCOS when he read my ultrasound
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
I understand that - but an ultrasound can not definitively rule out PCOS, so what I am saying is that you 'might' have this -
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well the doctor up my dose of clomid to 100mg on days 3 to 7. No more metformin
Well my peroid start april 16 that being said it start clomid on the 18 of april the 19th was the last day of
My peroid. I took the clomid the rest of the days. On day 20 I went for blood work my doctor call and told me I had ovulation
And told me to test on day 32 or 33 of the cycle
Well ovulation took place days april 27 to may 2 and may 5th was day 20. I am now on day 24 and I having cramping on the lower of my belly
And feel like I could be getting sick. I don't know why it is a good thing or could this be cause of the clomid

Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.

I usually prescribe clomid 100mg days 5 through 9.

It is hard to tell - but getting sick could be from ovulation (ovarian cysts), but too early for a pregnancy.