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Head cold lung congestion cough lasting one month

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Head cold lung congestion cough lasting one month
Dear cant,

Greetings and welcome,

What are the drugs you have taken so far?
any associated fever, chest pain, difficulty in breathing?
did you have any blood test , chest x-ray or sputum examination done?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Just the vitamins and over the counter cough and cold meds. No lab tests done, haven't seen a doctor. No fever, just fatigue, coughing, wheezing, sinus congestion, one ear completely blocked, dizziness. My concern is that it has lasted over a month, very unusual for me. I've never had a cold last more than 10 days . otherwise, my health is good. If it is viral, no antibiotics will help, right? If it is bacterial, why hasn't my immune system gotten it under control? Do you think I should try an antibiotic and if so, which one? Thanks
Dear cant,

Thank you for the information,

The antibiotics are of not much help in case of viral infection as you know as well.

The bacterial infection may be commonly present in such cases which may also be present as secondary infection.The commonly used antibiotics are amoxycillin, septran, cephalexin, ofloxacin, etc.

The sputum c/s and sputum examination is the right way to know the type of antibiotic needed.Since your infection has not been resolved yet so you should definitely consult the doctor and start the antibiotics therapy.The blood counts, chest x-ray, sputum examination may be done as well.

The congestion is severe which has caused such symptoms in you.The decongestant drugs and antihistamine drugs are also helpful in such symptoms.

The presence of green sputum suggest that the infection is present and needs to be treated.Since you also have wheezing so the bronchial asthma or allergy should also be checked for.

Here is the link for more information

sputum colour and infection

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Thank you!
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