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Can I take Percocet (5/325) with (Ultram 50mg tabs) to synergistically

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Can I take Percocet (5/325) with (Ultram 50mg tabs) to synergistically relieve my post-op pain, and if so, how much Ultram per day is safe? I'm allowed up to 8 percs per day.

I had a bilateral knee replacement performed two weeks ago and the doc sent me home with Percocet (5mg/325mg) tabs and a limited supply of oxycontin for longer-lasting pain relief. I am now in the process of weaning off the oxy as per doc's instructions and have 3-4 days to go before I'm totally off it.

I have alot of 50mg Ultram tabs left from before my surgery as this was the pain relief med I took along with Mobic to help with my osteoarthritis pain.

I've had sufficient pain relief with the Perc/oxy combo and have made great strides in PT and in getting proper rest at night. Naturally, I'm concerned about increased pain once I'm done with the oxy and so this question has arisen. I have at least 6 weeks of PT left and don't want any more oxycontin. Thanks for your help.

I would not recommend the percocet and ultram combination unless a doctor were to give you exact dose as this risks excessive opioid dose.


Your choices could be to continue with the percocet up to 8 a day, or to change to regular tylenol (max 1g up to four times daily) and the ultram at your previously prescribed dose which is often one-two tablets up to four times daily.


If this is not controlling your pain then you can also add in ibuprofen or motrim however you should be seeing your surgeon again if the pain is significant.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Since your answer is really open-ended and requires a doctor to make it definitive, is it possible for you to get a doctor 's response to this question and if indicated, the exact dosage of the Ultram?


I am 5' 7" and 230 lbs. with more muscle mass than the average woman of my height at this weight (former power lifter). I am also extremely resistant to narcotic pain medication for some unknown reason so it takes alot to relieve my pain. In fact, pain management was a huge issue after sugery. While in the hospital, they were giving me shots of Dilaudid in my I.V. along with the perc/oxy combo since the pain was so bad. They continued the perc/oxy combo during my inpatient rehab stay and also sent me home with this regimen with the understanding that weaning off oxy would begin within two weeks of discharge from inpatient rehab.


I'll be satisfied if we can get a doc to weigh in on the safety of adding Ultram given my height, weight, and pain management history.

Unfortunately only a doctor that has seen you and examined you can instigate a new recommendation of pain-relief. It would be unprofessional for anyone that is not your prescriber to make specific recommendations for an individual that they have not seen.


Taking percocet and ultram together would not be in line with WHO analgesia ladder, and if either percocet or ultram alone were not enough then you would be recommended to step up again to morphine or oxycontin analgesia.


So to answer your initial question: 'can I take percocet and ultram together', my professional opinion is no.


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