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I am a 77 year old male. I have had Shingles since Jan 5,

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I am a 77 year old white male. I have had Shingles since Jan 5, 2010. My Mother had it when she was approximately my age now. I knew nothing about Shingles before I got it. When I asked my Dr why he allowed me to get this disease his reply was "sometimes when the vaccine is given it brings on Shingles. My Dr failed me. My girlfriends Dr failed her. Her Daughters husband got it when I did. We all are getting our Shingles vaccine now. Why is this happening and if you can get it at any age why does a ten year old or a 40 year old have to get this horrible, painful and potentially debilitating disease without being warned.
Hi and thank you for your question. I am so sorry you are suffering with shingles. Shingles is the same virus that causes the measles..varicella. This virus lies dormant on your nerve roots and can reactivate, and may do so when your body is under stress. Zostavax ( shingles vaccine) works 50% of the time... certainly not in all cases for all people. Your Dr had no way of knowing whether or not you would be one of the people that would get shingles with or without the vaccine. It's a fact that nearly all adults are candidates for shingles.. what prompts it's activation are other illnesses and a lowered immune system. Treatment includes antivirals such as acyclovir, topical creams, pain medication , corticosteroids, and antidepressant medications. A lidocaine patch will help areas that are particularly painful ( by prescrption only) I hope this helps . Please let me now if I can help further:-)
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your reply, however I have received all of your information and more from other sources. I have been informed that anyone can contract Shingles at any age. Older people are more susceptible than younger people and that Post Herpetic Neuralgia is much more severe and longer lasting in older people. Having learned that the Shingles Vaccine has been licensed for use since 2006, why did my Doctor fail to give me the vaccine or at least alert me? Also, are younger people or children being given the vaccine and if not, why not? Thank you.

In some states The chicken pox vaccine is not a required immunization. When given to childen it will prevent chicken pox in 90% of the people receiving it. SOme Doctors may not offer this vaccine to older adults if they feel they have a less than optimal immune system, which would be the case if you were sick with something else at the time. I do think All Pysicians should inform their patients that such a vaccine is available, you are right:-)

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