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Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN, Nurse Practitioner
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I crave and eat toliet body crave

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I crave and eat toliet paper. I especially crave Scott toliet paper. Why does my body crave this?



Thank you for writing in today. I want to provide you with the best possible information, so I do have a few questions. Any medical issues? How long has this been going on? Is it constant or intermittent? When does it happen? Have you ever had it evaluated? If so, was anything diagnosed? Please let me know. Lisa

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I use to eat toilrt paper when I was pregnant with my third child. I stopped after I had her. I always had the cravings but within the last year I have found myself eatting it constantly. I really want to eat it after I have already eatten or after I finish drinking wine.I have never been evaluated for this. I know that I am not anemic because I donate blood. I just have know I idea why my body craves it. And I only have cravings for Scott toilet tissue.



Thank you for responding to the questions. Well, based on the fact that you mentioned anemia, it sounds like you are familiar with Pica disorder. If not, there is a term for this type of craving disorder. Generally, cravings like these are usually associated with nutritional deficiencies. This may explain why you first had the cravings while you were pregnant. When a person is pregnant, they have a higher metabolic demand, and nutrient stores are depleted more rapidly. In addition, some cases of Pica are thought to have a psychological component. At this point, since it began in pregnancy, resolved, and started again, personally, I think this is most likely related to a physical issue. I suspect you have some type of deficiency. Even though you donate blood, you should still have your complete blood count (CBC) done. The CBC will check for anemia, but it will also check the RBC development, size, and shape as well (probably not done at the blood donation center). Also, it may be time to check your iron profile, and possibly your zinc, vit D, and B12 levels as well. I really recommend consulting with your provider. In the meantime, you may consider, if not already doing, taking a complete multi-vitamin. Even with the best efforts, it can be difficult to get proper nutrition. Now, if you are taking a multi-vitamin and eat very healthy, you should discuss this with your doctor as well. At that point, there may need to be more indepth evaluation of your gastric functioning (especially absorption), if a deficiency is actually identified. Now, also, I do want to mention stress. Just as the metabolic demands increase during pregnancy, they increase with significant stress too. Therefore, if you are having a great deal of stress, you should try and reduce it. (I do know that is easier said than done.) I hope this helps. If you have additional questions or concerns, please let me know. Lisa

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