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My dad has been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea 6 months

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My dad has been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea 6 months ago with 27/25 epap/ipap pressure. He also have moderate COPD.
He is on Oxygen 24 hrs and uses BIPAP machine at night.
His oxygen sat levels fluctuates between 80 to 90.
recently we found out that his mask was leaking and O2 level dropped a lot(60% sometimes). Replacing the mask helped. But it took
few days .My dad leaves in Bangladesh where these kinds of masks are not easilly available.His Face and feet got swallen in the mean while. Do you think it is the lack of oxygen or the high pressure of the air that was leaking from the mask?
Now he is using the new mask for last 2 days and having good sleep at night. but his face is still swallen. If it is due to lack of oxygen or sleep apena , how long would it take to go away?
Your advise will help.

Hello e mahboob,

Thank you for using JustAnswer Health for your question.

I think your main concern is whether his feet and face swelling is due from the lack of oxygen? The answer, is no, it is not at least directly related to this. It is due to a fluid imbalance. In a person with COPD it would be due to right sided heart failure, or congestive heart failure. Having improved oxygenation now may very well help, as this will make his heart not have to work quite as hard as it does when the oxygen saturation of the blood is low. Also, he could use an evaluation with a pulmonolgist or cardiologist because sometimes a medication that increases the strength of the heart contractions can help to remove the edema, and/or a medication called a diuretic can also help with this. He needs blood testing and physical evaluation to determine which would be the best therapy for him at this time.

I am glad it was discovered that the oxygen mask was not sealing to his face correctly. Keeping the oxygen mask in place will help him.

It also helps to keep the swollen areas elevated as much as possible. His face will naturally be elevated if he is sitting up and this should begin to help. He should elevate his feet at least 3 times per day - up to hip level or heart level will help the most, if possible. Also compression stockings can be worn to help with the leg swelling.

How long this will take to goes away depends on many factors, including whether his electrolyte balance is good and whether or not his heart is pumping strongly. It is important to make sure he does not eat too much salt, and it often helps to make sure he is getting enough potassium. Potassium is best taken from natural sources, such as bananas and other fruits and vegetables.

Ultimately it would be best if he could see a doctor in person so that lab samples can be done and a physical evaluation.

I hope this helps you. If you have questions related to my answer, please reply to this post so that I can respond to you until you are satisfied with the answer.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

hi, Thanks.

he also complains about his tonsils hurts and inside of his mouth is feels like it is scratched. Is it related?

This could be caused by several things. Some possibilities include allergies, inflammation or irritation from the bipap/cpap apparatus, drying out of mucus membranes due to the oxygen, or an infection. If possible get a flash light and look in his throat to see if the mucus membranes of the throat and tonsils is pink and moist (normal) or coated with white or other colored film, dry appearing etc. This could give us an idea of what type of problem there could be.

Additionally,I would suggest he try gargling with a saline (salt water ) solution once or twice to day as needed to help remove any dried secretions in his throat. He should not swallow the salt of course, or use too much salt, as this could increase his edema if he absorbs it into his circulatory system. Also, making sure that he gets enough fluid is important, but at the same time due to his edema, or swelling, it is important to find out from the doctor how much water he can drink daily. He can use water to moisten the inside of his mouth, suck or chew on the occassional ice chip if available, or drink sips of water frequently, keeping in mind not too drink too much water until he finds out if he needs to restrict his water intake. If lemon or lime is available putting a small amount in the water will help to decrease build up of mucus and will give him vitamin C which is good for his immunity. He does definalty need to drink some water at least (rather than only other fluids). Also, sometimes it will help to suck on sugar free hard candy or throat lozenges. This sometimes increase the saliva and keeps the throat from drying out as much. There are some oxygen masks that have a water bottle attached to them and this supplies humidified oxygen, which helps keep the oral, nasal, and lung membranes moist. If this is not available and the air is dry in his home, a regular humidifer may help. Of course if a humidifier is used be sure to keep it clean so that it does not become a source for bacteria or fungus to grow in. It is also a good idea to clean his oxygen mask with soapy water and rinse and dry thoroughly ever day or two to keep bacteria from growing on it.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks a lot. We did check his kidney and everything looks good. We didn't go any test to heart though.We will do it.

Edema is swallen?

He has catearct and his eye doctor also told him that he has little bit of infection in his eyes and he is taking medication for it.His eyes were very red. But with medication it has improved but the swellen of the face is still there. So we are thinking it could be something else.

He dosen't have any complains other than he looks really scary due to the swellen of the face.

Can you please tell what kind of test would help to know?

The dcotor in our country are not able to say anything. we are very concern.

Yes, edema is the medical name for swelling in tissues of the human body.

Due you happen to have a digital photo that you could send in to us so that we can see the type of edema or swelling that he has? Is the skin also reddened? Is the skin moist or dripping fluid where he is swollen? Is he taking oral antibiotics (antibiotic pills by mouth) or was he started on any new medications before the swelling began?

If you are to press firmly just with a finger tip to the swollen skin areas, does it leave an indentation, or a dent where you pressed the finger for a little bit of time, gradually returning to normal?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

susan, how can I get back to you tomorrow if you are not online at that time?

I don't have this info but I can get tomorrow.Please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

Just continue to reply to this post. It will stay open as long as we like unless either one of us ( you or I ) chooses to close it, and this is true even if you were to accept my answer.

I will be at a work position tomorrow where I do not have constant computer access, but I will check at least by the early evening for your reply (I am in the East Coast United States time zone). For example, it is 12 am right now where I am.