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2 catastrophic accidents at 13&15 beginning in 1981.Endured

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2 catastrophic accidents at 13&15 beginning in 1981.Endured complete degloving from toes to mid thigh,23 broken bones,68 operations,3 months in U of MI burn unit.In 29 years only had 3 good ones. I cycled on my bike 50-100 mi.per day.would work out and enjoyed life. Leg got a bit worse and as time went on I was talked into above knee amputation AKA by the best docs.In 1996 3 days after AKA my life changed forever and not because of one leg.Because I was in the worst agonyzing torture i thought humanely possible.Crushing,Burning,Gnawaing,Razors Ripping,my phantom foot felt like it was in a crushed down position with a vice enclosing so very tight.Since then I have tried 40 diff meds. Oh the side effects.NEW MED Lyrica in mid DEC-As it is I can only eat 500-650cal day to maintain.I have been in wc since 96.Cant wear a pros due to pain.Would Topamax help as much as lyrica.I have worked so hard not to be gain weight,So Hard.So what is diff between lyrica and topamax for nerve pain? Thanks


Thank you for writing to JustAnswer with your question.

I can give you a website that will give you a search engine of pain clinics in your area.

But the reason I am answering you is because of the therapy that has been discovered to help phan***** *****mb pain. It is understood how it works and is related to how the neurons in the brain respond to the removal of a limb, and newer studies which have showed that there is regeneration, or changes that can occur in the neurons in the brain.

I have the a page here that lists several of the journal articles discussing this therapy. I have read that this definately works in most people. If you are interested in this let me know the area you live in and I can see if I can find a doctor in your area doing this treatment.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi, thanks for trying to help me but everything you told me i already know. I was sent all the materials for mirror therapy from Dr. Beth Darnell. They are doing a study. Doesn't work on me do to the fact my brain hasn't seen a normal looking leg in 30 years. The leg i did have was all decrepit and skinny and was all skin grafts from toes to mid thigh. Also I already know the pages where you can search for a doctor in my area. I wanted an actual name with a referral if possible. Guess this just didn;'t work out. I have done over 10000 hours of research Know about deep brain stimulation, ketamine comas, spinal cord stimulator's, pain pumps,NMDA Antagonists, virtual reality training, bio-feedback,acupuncture,hypnosis. I needed more. Sorry to have used your time. you never mentioned anything on the differences between lyrica and topamax and if topamax could be as helpful for nerve pain as lyrica??

Thanks I tried to upload accident photos but they were to big. Thanks anyway, I dont think you can help

I'm on my way to work this morning but I will get back to you this afternoon or evening so I can give you specific information on the differences between topamax and lyrica. Sorry to hear it has been too long for the mirror therapy to work.


Both of these drugs can be used to control seizures, although topamax is generally used to treat and prevent epilepsy; and to treat and prevent migraine headaches. Because it can decrease nerve sensitivity it can also be used for chronic pain. It is also sometimes used as a primary or an adjunct medication in Bipolar illness (manic depression).

Lyrica is used to treat pain caused by nerve damage due to diabetes and shingles (herpes zoster) infection. It is also used to treat pain in people with fibromyalgia. It too can be used with other medications to treat certain types of seizures (partial onset seizures).

Here is a link to information about lyrica, in case you want more details than just It's typical uses. You can choose to look under the information that is meant for consumers, or read the information which is detailed and meant for professionals:

Here is the similar page for Topamax:

On both of these pages, don't read the commercial links at the top of the page, but go lower to the informational links.

I hope this helps, but let me know if there is other information about these medications that you need help with.

Susan Ivy and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I apologize but I am one of the few that knows all of this. I never even clicked on the links. None of it was helpful because I have researched over 1000 hours. You did a good job for the lay person but I have educated myself so much. Actually I was hoping one of you were from Michigan and knew a great pain doctor. I guess this just isn't going to work out. Sorry but the answer was not helpful due to I know all of this already. Thanks for your time

In one part of your question you asked for a name of a specific doctor to be recommended, but unfortunately that would be impossible or at least unethical to give you a specific recommendation when we don't live in your area and know the doctors.

In the case that there were any pain physicians in your area that you had not already seen, I offered you the search engine so that you could look more thoroughly for them. You replied that this would not helpful, but asked for the differences in the two medications again. After spending time getting the information and putting it into language that you would understand, while also being sure to leave you links to the more indepth information, in the case you could understand the more complicated language, you reply back saying you already know all of this. If you truly already know all about it, then why would you ask for it again?

I answer inquiries here to help people, and do not mind so much when I do not get paid especially if an individual does not have much money or has no insurance. But if I don't expect to waste my time getting information for someone only to be told that it was a waste of time because they already knew the answer. I could have been helping someone else! It is careless, disrespectful, and really down right mean, not only to me, but to the other person out there that really needs help in finding an answer to a specific health concern.

I do feel for you and understand that you have been through a lot and it would be quite normal and even healthy for you to have anger and resentment about this. It would also helpful and more appropriate for you to see a therapist or join a trauma survivor support group in order that you can express your feelings about this and which will help you to work through it, rather than instead taking it out on those who are trying to help you.

A type of therapy called EMDR therapy would likely help you.

This is not an easy thing for me to do this, to tell you this information, and I could have just not responded at all. But again, I do want to help, and by giving you honest feedback about your response and and what must be years of pent up anger and pain (rightfully so, by the way) is ultimately going to be more helpful for you, than for me to say nothing and to let you go on striking out at others, and likely continuing to alienate yourself and push others away from you. Instead you can find a place to express your anger and pain and work through it. Once you do this (find a group and therapist so that you can learn to express your rightful pain, resentment, and anger in more appropriate ways) you will likely loose at least 75% to 100% of the pain and discomfort that you currently still feel. Anger and tension held in the body for so long, tenses the muscles, causes one to breath in an unhealthy way, and prevents the body from healing.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

First of all you never gave me the link for pain doctors in my area. You just talked about it. Also what do you mean when you said you spent time putting it into a .

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I really want to apologize for how I came off. I read it all again and was very disappointed in myself. The burning gnawing pain.I am never mean or crabby in pain and never take it out on anyone but I see here That my typing got out of control and I just wanted a miracle without having to explain my story for the millionth time

bless you


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Susan, I do know that it's close to 2 years since my question. I greatly apologize for the miscommunication and the way I came off. It pains me to think I could respond to you with anger. I do have a pain psychologist now for the past 2 years and had needed that due to 30 yrs of so much and the way doctors treat you like another # and or file. I still after 15 years am in absolute agony. If I stay in bed, my pain stays lower. Its getting up in my wc and trying to live that gets the nerves firing. I'm going into Hosp Feb1 so my pain can be managed in a humane way and they promised me I would not go home in pain. Hard to believe from 1000 hrs research. I know there isn't much for severe plp but I'm staying positive.

Happy Holidays To you

Sincerely, Staci