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A. Schuyler, NP
A. Schuyler, NP, Nurse Practitioner
Category: Health
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My daughter in her 20's is suffering from severe dizziness

Customer Question

My daughter in her 20's is suffering from severe dizziness and says her head feels like it is spinning off. She has been in bed since Saturday morning and is not any better. She had these same symptoms one month ago when started traveling back to Ohio from our Orlando, Florida vacation in our van. At that time we had to take her to the emergency room and the medication they gave her intraveniously and the RX by mouth only seemed to help a little. She has taken the same medication this time but it is not helping. She started a new job last Monday. She is a nurse and teaches clinicals 2 days a week, puts in 32 hours a week at her new job (in an office), is going to school full time for her Masters, and is married with 2 children ages 7 and 2. My sister gets vertigo and has minears syndrome from water on the ears. Is this related and what can we do to help my daughter?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. S Riaz replied 7 years ago.

Hello kwise,

It looks like your daughter is having vertigo. The causes could be labyrinthitis, benign paroysmal positional vertigo, Meniere's disease etc. Vertigo means the concerned person feels as if he is spinning or swirling. The causes of dizzines are different and include high or low blood pressure, heart problems like arrythmia; migraine, medications, low blood sugar etc. You need to take her to a doctor preferably an ENT specialist or your family practitioner for evaluation and management. Thanks and best wishes.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You haven't given us any information that we didn't already know. She feels like she will faint if she moves. I have already told her to go to her doctor but they don't seem to know how to help her. I will continue trying to get her to see her doctor. Thankyou.
Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 7 years ago.
The only way she can get the help she needs is to be examined in person. There is no way to tell you what it is without at least that much. She may also require blood tests, tilt table test, glucose tolerance test, and referrals (ENT, neurology) depending on what the GP finds. Usually the ER just treats the current emergency and sends the person on their way. It isn't really their job to come up with the diagnosis of why she is having those symptoms. For that, the patient is referred back to their primary physician to start the diagnostic process.