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Vakul Aren
Vakul Aren, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  MBBS,DTM&H( Univ of Liverpool),34yrs experience in practice
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My 12yr.old daughter has been suffering from pain coming

Customer Question

My 12yr.old daughter has been suffering from pain coming down along her neck, shoulders then going down her side, hip groan area, leg and left arm. I took her to a doctor and all he said that is was growing pains. This has been going on to long now and she is in pain.
When I press on the areas of compliants she has it hurts her and she jumps. Please I need some sort of direction. I want to help my child.
Thank you
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 7 years ago.
Hello.Growing pains are diagnosis of exclusion by the treating doctor and may occur due to excessive muscular activity or running and jumping around of the child.Conservative treatment,hot water baths,analgesics like Ibubrufen and Paracetmol at regular intervals are recommended.If the pains persist or are of a more severe nature and not responding to the medication,a review by your doctor would help.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

These pains don't have to due with muscular activities, I am very sure of that. This has been going on too long more than a month or two. I did listen to the doctor at the time as I mention prior I can't except that any longer. I am concern about Sclerosis or Lupus she has also been having bad headaches associated with these pain not all the time but enough for me to notice.

I forgot to mention when she was taken to the doctor I brought in a school form from the nurses office. There was testing done at my daughters school for Sclerosis. The form indicated that there was a slight hump when my daughter preformed the bending over dive position. The nurse said it could very well be nothing but said that my doctor should take a look at it. That when he said everything is Ok it just growing pains no examination or nothing. I moved to a new state and I don't know any of these doctors that well.

Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 7 years ago.
I suggest you request your doctor to rule out Connective Tissue Disease in the child.Is there any family history in either your family or that of your husband of connective tissue disease?Thyroid examination and serum Calcium may also be checked.Failing this,you may request a consultation with a Paediatric Rheumatologist.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My husband mother does have lupus. That is why we are so worried abt her I do know there are so many symptoms when it comes lupus in children. I was told that lupus does start in children at the age of 15 years old but she is only 12 years old.
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 7 years ago.
In that case it would be advisable to talk to her doctor and get her investigated accordingly.You may even request for a Rheumatology Consult if the reports turn out positive.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What sort of testing should I request from her doctor? I am also concern about the slight hump in her spine as well. So what I am trying to find out is what sort of battery of test and blood work is required so I am aware of the proper testing.
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 7 years ago.
The tests done for SLE would include tests for ANA,anti-native DNA and Anti-Sm antibodies.Anti-phosphjlipid antibodies may also be checked.You may need a MRI spine for the affected area apart from X-Rays to assess the spinal column.Also Thyroid,Parathyroid and Calcium levels may be checked.