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Doctor says I have contact dermatitis. Started 3 days ago

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Doctor says I have contact dermatitis. Started 3 days ago with itchiness and what look like red scratch marks on my upper back, shoulders. There are a few small red streaks on my stomach, arms, left collar are and more of a red blotchy deal in my inner thighs. Seems to be just random areas. The doctor gave me a physical assessment, verified it was not sepsis or anything really bad. Advised I take motrin and benadryl.
I noticed it spread a bit more today, but is generally in the same areas.
Still itchy as heck.
I have a few questions:
Assuming it is dermatitis, how long til it goes away?
How many days until its "peak" of spreading?
Can I itch this stuff? (been avoiding itching but its driving me nuts)
If I was exposed to something, how soon would I break out?
(Got a new robe for xmas, the only new full body exposure item I can think of, but I have been using it for a month already. Any chance that's the culprit?
I am uninsured so any information from real doctor or nurse would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!


If the substance that is causing contact dermatitis is removed your symptoms will probably go away in less than 2 weeks. With treatment it will resolve even earlier. You should avoid scratching. Scratching causes a vicious scratch itch cycle which aggravates itching. Your dress could be the offending agent though not very likely as you have been using it for a month. Most commonly the offending agent is an or vegetable protein. Substances that can cause contact dermatitis include foods, metals, plants, soaps, cosmetics, perfumes etc. Thanks and best wishes.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the response doc. I have one last follow up question:
Since it did spread a little bit from yesterday, how long will it spread?
I mean, what amount of spreading is normal? (3 days into this) and at what point should I worry and see a doctor (at an incredibly high rate due to my non-insurance status).
Thanks again!

If it continues to wprsen, then you will have to see a doctor. You have not taken benadryl. There is no set limit or rate for spreading. If you take that are likely to start improving but yes the risk of drowsiness is definitely there. However, if you have have constant itching you are not going to feel better anyway. Taking a cool water bath will also help. Try to remain away from all those things which you think you could be allergic to. When it's time to go to sleep you should take benadryl. Thanks and best wishes.

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