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Dr. Su S
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I have the 5 yr iud and last month i had my period 2 times.

Customer Question

i have the 5 yr iud and last month i had my period 2 times. i believe the last cycle i had was on the 15th which this is not normal at all for me. 2 days ago i started very light spotting of which was mainly brown blood with a bit of red and some mucous. this would put me at about 2 weeks late. i still havent started my usual flow for the month. could you please tell me what might be occuring?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Su S replied 7 years ago.


Which IUD have you used? Hormonal/ Copper T? Any other symptom? On any medication? Any significant past illness?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have the merena. no other symptoms except a little mild cramping.
Expert:  Dr. Su S replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for the input.

Hormonal IUD should be replaced by 5 years. It may be that it is not working. Pregnancy should be ruled out. When you have missed the period, it can be that you are pregnant. The little brown discharge can be due to implantation bleeding too. You can take a home pregnancy test now . Home pregnancy test usually gives good result after 1-2 weeks of missed period. Other than pregnancy, there can be a few possibilities like infection-Pelvic inflammatory disease, miscarriage, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance, etc. Sometimes no cause can be found too. Hormone study will indicate if there is any imbalance or infection. You should have an examination by gynecologist to find the precise cause and management.

Hope this information will help you.
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