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What does a pause in your heartbeat mean? My heart beats

Resolved Question:

what does a pause in your heartbeat mean? My heart beats normally then will pause for about a half second longer than normal between beats. It comes and goes and does not happen all the time. I'll have normal beats for several minutes or even hours then suddenly i'll feel the pause then it goes back to normal. i have been exercising and have been told by friends/family that I'm low on electrolytes and/or sodium/potassium.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 7 years ago.


Typically the feeling of 'skipped heartbeats' are really early beats that occur within the heart...also known as PVC's...or premature ventricular contractions. These are generally not life threatening nor are they anything to worry about.

Most Drs will do follow up EKG's (periodically) but more often if your PVC's are becoming more numerous.

9 times out of 10 PVC's are caused by anxiety, acid reflux (as the vagus nerve can be irritated from GI upset thus causing PVC's), also stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, and over the counter medications such as cough and cold medications.

Since you are being bothered with them more lately, try to increase your water intake and cut out any of the above mentioned things if they apply.

If they do not improve, you might have a slight electrolyte imbalance (such as potassium as you mentioned) that might need correcting. Blood work can detect the imbalance and some simple tablets can be prescribed to help.

Hope this helps....


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