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Iam a 20 year old female, i have recently noticed an

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Iam a 20 year old female, i have recently noticed an increase of hair around my breast's,
most are soft and fine but i have started to get a few longer black ones.
This is very inconvenient, i have never had a problem with it before, and i have never been a 'hairy' person. I have a pale compection and hair.


Thank you for writing in today. Unfortunately, having some dark hair growth around the nipple can be normal, even for women with fair complexions. It is actually more common than you would think. Hair growth around the nipple is usually associated with hormonal fluctuations. Since you are only 20, your body has been going through a lot of hormonal changes over the last few years. This may be why you have not seen this in the past. Now, with this being said and the fact that this can be a normal variant, you should still talk with your OB gyn provider. Even though some hormonal fluctuations are normal, these fluctuations can be a result of many other underlying issues, such as medications, stress, and endocrine problems. At any rate, your provider will want to ensure that there is no underlying issue. Once your provider determines this is a normal finding for you, you could consider possible treatment options, such as electrolysis or laser therapy. I hope this helps. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know. Lisa

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your reply,
Is there any other symptoms that i may have to look for that go along side with sudden hair growth, if it is more tham just hormmones.
I have had the odd strange spot appear on areas of my body for the past few months.
Never normally more than one at a time, they start of like spots but if i sqeeze them they become inflamed and are very sore and sting, they feel like a pea sized lump under the skin.
I got one on my back once, once near my crotch and once on my coller bone. Not at the same time. But more recently i had two appear in front of both me ears, they where very sore and altough they are gone now i can still feel the smallest lump where they where, no bigger than a normal spot, but hard and under th skin.


Thank you for responding. At this point, based on your information, I am doubtful that the hair and these lumps are directly related. However, these lumps you describe and considering the locations sound like these may actually be lymph nodes. Since the areas occur sporadically and resolve without intervention, this is actually less concerning. If these are in fact lymph nodes, when they do flare, you may notice that you are fighting some type of injury, inflammation, or even infection at the same time. Lymph nodes can flare, due to colds, cuts, open areas, dermatitis, etc. Now, as for the hair and node having an indirect relationship, If there is an infection or inflammatory issue, then this could cause some hormonal fluctuation. At any rate, the hair and "lumps" should be evaluated by your provider. Lisa

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