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Julia Kizhner
Julia Kizhner, Physician Assistant
Category: Health
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I have a bump in between my index and middle fingers on the

Resolved Question:

I have a bump in between my index and middle fingers on the palm of my right hand. It appears to be between the joints not actually on the joint, but I'm not sure. It is firm, but a little bit squishy when you press on it. It causes pain (which seems to be getting worse) when it's pressed.
From my research it seems like a ganglion cyst, my question is in regard to who I should see about this issue. I don't currently have insurance, so I don't want to waste money going to the wrong doctors. It looks like the best and most inexpensive treatment (besides hitting it with a Bible) is getting a cortisone shot and/or getting the fluid drawn out of it with a syringe.
What type of doctor should I go to?
Finally, I am in the process of getting new private insurance, but am worried that this will be a "flag" to potential insurance carriers. If I pay cash to a doctor, will it show up in the "system".
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Julia Kizhner replied 7 years ago.

Hello and thank you for your question.

The best person you can go see about this is a orthopedic hand surgeon (or orthopedic upper extremity specialist). They are the ones who deal with the on daily basis. Ganglion cyst can be drained with a needle, but it is not a permanent solution as it will come right back.

The best solution is to have it surgically excised. This is probably not even considered surgery, just a procedure. You can local anesthesia and then a small opening is made and the cyst is removed. Granted this is more expansive then drainage followed by cortisone, however, this has a better chance of no recurrence.

This medical history will not damage your insurance rates. This is not a chronic medical problem such as diabetes or hypertension or heart disease which will lead to multiple doctor visits and recurrent hospitalizations. There is no system where your information will appear so I dont think you need to worry about that.

Unless the pain is really bad, you might want to wait until you get insurance coverage to take care of it? But if the pain is severe and you wont have insurance coverage for a while, then, of course, see someone for treatment. Again, my personal choice, would be an orthopedic hand specialist. If one is not available in your area, a general surgeon would probably be your next best solution.

I hope you find this information helpful. If you need any clarification or have any additional questions, please let me know and I will be glad to assist you further.

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