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When having sex it hurt's. It feels like there something in

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When having sex it hurt's. It feels like there something in the way and my mate can not go all the way in. Then I notice bleeding, is there anything I can do or can you tell me what it may be.I known it was not this way 17 years go with my mate then,and it's not that I'm dry. Here's some fact's I'm 58 years old overweight 5'8" 275 bl I'm a diabetic high HDL my AC1 is 7.2 and i was off all med from feburary til Nov. when i had to is a doc to try and get back on my med Now I lost 25 bl when not on the meds and now that I'm back on them i'v but it all back on in about three weeks.Do you have any answer for me I have a doctors appt. on the 21 of this month. now there are many other things going on but the sex thing is thing for now.


Thank you for writing in today. Based on your information, I would have to recommend an evaluation. I realize that no one wants the "go to the provider" response, but sometimes it is necessary. I will explain. At this point, this could be related to a number of different problems. First of all, as women age, there is a loss of estrogen. Estrogen is helpful in maintaining the normal vaginal tissue and secretions. Therefore, with age and as estrogen levels decline, vaginal tissue can atrophy and sex can become painful. If this is the case, there are some options for treatment, such as topical estrogens. Now, there is additional concern. The bleeding may be a symptom of infection or even something more serious, such as abnormal cervical changes or endometrial lining disorders. Since your mate is unable to enter all the way, bladder or uterine prolapse is a possibility. There are actually several possibilities, but these are just a few. In addition, since you are diabetic and have not been able to take your medications routinely over the last few months, this could cause an increased risk of infection. At this point, I would definitely recommend a gynecological evaluation. Since you do not have any insurance, I would recommend contacting your county health department. Most counties offer some type of free or discount women's health services. If your county does not offer services, they may be able to refer you to some available resources. Also, if you would like, I could try to see if I can find some available resources for this free or discount care in your area. If so, please let me know your general area. I hope this helps. Lisa

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for the imformation thats helps alot i"m doing my best with my state medcal and hope to here from them soon . So that the doctor can get the help i need i the other area's that i having prolems with so again Thank you
You are very welcome. In the meantime, while wating to hear about state medical, I would still recommend checking on Women's Health Services in your area. If there is a Planned Parenthood or other clinic, you may be able to get seen soon and for no money or a small fee ($10-20). Take care. Lisa