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Nurse Milli, RN
Nurse Milli, RN, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  20 years experience in many areas of Nursing. Both Hospital and Private Practice experience.
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I would like to present my condition and would appreciate

Resolved Question:

I would like to present my condition and would appreciate any aswer or advice
I am 36, male, 180 cm high, weighting 104 kg. My cholesterol was/is high, very high. It was over 360, and that was 2 1/2 years ago. Triglycerides were also high. Very high, but I can recall the reading. I tried losing weight, but not successful, especially since I live and work in very dangerous and stressful environment. I smoke more then a pack a day. My average is about close to 2 packs a day. I do not drink, and the only alcoholic drink I take is red wine from time to time. Furthermore, I think I have a problem with spine. I frequently had my arms numb while I wake up, sometimes even the legs. My physical activities are very low and I spend most of my time in the office, sitting on a swiwel chair. I do wrok in the field but not much, and it often requires me to bang over or kneel to get to the things I have to check. In these cases, I feel the pain in my feet, and either arteries or muscels in my legs, as well as in the lower part of spine (especially when I have to stretch up). Recently I sustained a strong pain in the lower part of my spine during the memorial we had for our deceased colleagues. I started swetting a lot, and could not stand on both my feet all the time, so I was transfering the balance from one foot to other all the time during 30 minutes of memorial service. In fact, it was like that even before, but not in such capacity. In the morning, when I get up I feel like my kidneys are going to slip off my body, but actually I think it is my spine hurting me and also I feel like a train passed over me. In general, while standing or sitting, I can not be still in single position more then 5-10 minutes, and I start getting nervous. I travel by air frequently on long haul flights involving more then 15 hours in the air on multiple flights. My legs get swolen, especially around the ankles and the feet. I feel my arteries are in pain after the flights, but also in the recent period of time after I come back home from work. In the past two years, I started sleeping a lot, more then 8 hours, but also could not get to myself fall asleep, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. When I start walking, shhortly after my heart bit rate increases (normally), but I have trouble breathing. My blood pressure during the day is usually 120/80, but I never checked it in the morning, and I think it is low. I also have another problem of sudden moves, because then I have either back or neck pain, and freqently I was in situation to have the nerve blocked and my movements were painful. I could not find proper position on the bed to sleep also. I suffer high level of depression and stress due to separation from my family and stressful environement at work. I feel my finger tips numb frequently as well. Any advice you might have for me will be highly appreciated. What doctor should I go to first, and which ones?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 7 years ago.

Hi there....thank you for the question that contained a lot of detail...this helps a great deal. I will get right to the point with this....I feel as though you are in need of some testing on your spine. Every symptom that you have described indicates that you may have some degenerative changes within your spine or maybe even a herniated disc. I would recommend that you see a Neurologist. They can order this quick test (around 30 minutes) and have your results to you fairly quick. A person's weight can put undo stress and pressure on the spine and nerves and cause an array of symptoms. IF you cannot see a Neurologist, any Dr can actually order the MRI of the spine but the Neurologist would be a good resource for you if the test is abnormal. Physical therapy is also a good resource for you with lower back pain as well. They can show you how to stretch your back and also how to take better care of your back.

Hope this helps! Reply back if needed


Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Thank you so much for the quick answer. I read it toroughly, and will go to see the Neurologist. I hope I can find one in Haiti that can do the MRI. I would appreciate if you can give me any information on any good Neurologist in Miami or evbentually point me to the web site containing such info. I also have one concern over the MRI, since I carry 5 splinters in my body. 2 are in each leg and one in the right shoulders. I got wounded as a civilian during the war in Bosnia 92-95 by artilery shell that exploded on the asphalt and in my close vicinity. The size of each splinter is as aproxitamtively equal to the size of a coffee bean or eventually smaller. I think I also have one in the left ear, but not sure. Is the MRI test possible while I have those splinters in my body, or should I first have them removed? I understand the Neurologist can answer that question too, but I would appreciate your answer for ease of reference.

Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 7 years ago.

Hi there

Yes, I think with all of your symptoms that you have described, the Neurologist would be your best bet.

Anytime someone has metal fragments in the body, eyes, or ears, a regular xray is performed to see where they are located and how big. Depending on those 2 factors, will determine if the MRI can be done or not. Sometimes, if the metal fragments are large enough, the patient might experience a warm sensation where the fragments are but is considered harmless. If too large, a CT would be the next option.

I am not in the Miami unfortunately, but can direct you to a website that can give you the names of some specialist in the area. You can go to....

When you get to this screen, simply click "Neurologist" under the "Select Other Kind of Doctor". This should give you some names that you can start with.

It has been a pleasure helping you. I hope you get the relief you need. Happy New Year!


Nurse Milli, RN and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi and thank you again. I hope I will get and feel the relief, as I am now determined to try to get myself in shape and get back on track as much as I can. Hard and harsh years are behind me and yes, thank you and a Happy New Year to you too! Good bless you!
Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 7 years ago.

You are very welcome. Take care of yourself and God Bless!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I survived the quake in Haiti. My condition was getting worse since I drove a vehicle over a rough road on 4 Jan, and during the quake I fell on my but. I managed to get out of Haiti 4 days later, and took off to my home country. I did my medical checks, first with the specialist in Orthopedics and then with the Neurologist. Basic translation of the findings is presented below.


Complains on the pain in the L-S spinal area, extended to the right leg throughout the last 15 days. Primary care was conducted by the regular physician. Clinical features: The patient is in antalgic gait, moves with difficulties. "Lazarevic" movement probe on the right was on 30 degrees, and on the left on the 40 degrees. Feet movement is possible. Anteflexion is reduced. The patient is sitting with difficulties.

X-Ray of L-S spinal area is attached.

Dg: Lumboischialgia 1.dex.

Th: Voltaren, Apaurin, Dexametason (1 each second day) amp. NO VI

To consult the neurologist

To plan the CT scan if the condition does not improve

CT Scan reading

The scan was conducted in native series of axial intersections on 5 mm through i.v. areas in levels L3-L4, L4-L5, and L5-S1.

Pathological changes are not seen in the soft tissues paravertebrally.

Initial degenerative changes are seen on the bone structures in anti-corporal and lateral-corporal directions .

The spinal canal is of a normal width.

I.V. area is narrowed in the area L5-S1.

There are neither signs of herniation of i.v. discs, nor any compressive phenomenon on cauda equine and related radix.

To consult the specialist in neurology.


Referral diagnosis: Lumboischialgia bil.pp.dex.

Anamnesis: The pain in the lumbus and sequentially down through the right leg

Physical check: Neurological assessment: No lesion of PMN.

Tests: CT Scan of L/S spinal area is attached.

Diagnosis: Lumboischialgia bil.pp.dex.

Therapy: Lubor 20mg caps 2x1 Luborette ung. Externally. Spa physical treatment.

Recommendation: Control check after 1 month

I also started urinating frequently feeling a burn and certain dose of pain, which also was my condition in the past, but I never paid so much attention to it. Just to clear any doubt in my mind, I requested the specialist doctor to conduct the ultra sound scan of my entire abdomen, and it was revealed that I had several infections of the prostate in the past, with an ongoing one currently. Both prostate and bladder were of increased size. Both kidneys were fine. No stone was detected in any area. The doctor said my liver was covered in fat, which only confirmed the high cholesterol and triglicerids reading that did not change for almost 2 and half years. The doctor gave me and my wife the NORACIN antibiotics to take for extended period of time. Neither my wife nor I have had a different sexual partners in the past, and I think it was me primarily who was infected first. I suspect the water I used to take shower, wash the dishes and loundry was/is not purified enough by the landlord in Haiti or eventualy the A/C unit in the office or official vehicle, since both were not maintained properly and filters were changed every once in a blue moon. The official vehicle was shared by many staff. The doctor said if antibiotics do not help, a sample will be taken to detect the bacteria for further treatment.

Furthermore, in regard to the lower back pain, both the radiologist and neurologist said I should protect my lower back from direct exposure from cold. MRI was not done yet for the reason explained before, and I have been advised to consult the surgeon for removal of the splinters before the MRI scan.

My question now is:

Can it be that infections of my prostate, and its increased size are somehow connected with lumboischialgia I was diagnosed with as well? Is the I.V. area which is narrowed in the area L5-S1 somehow related to the nerve block or eventual infection of the nerve(s)? I am sorry if my questions are a bit stupid, but I am just curious and concerned over any detail at this time, and would like to ask the doctors the right questions and be as straight to the point as possible since all the specialists I consulted are working in the state hospitals and do not spend much of their time per the patient. Other than that, I also do intend to upgrade the level of checks and consult either the private practitioners or a specialized clinic outside the country in order to get to the point and have appropriate diagnosis and treatment(s).

Thanks a lot in advance once again.