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what causes low sodium in my blood

Customer Question

what causes low sodium in my blood?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Shah replied 7 years ago.
Hyponatremia occurs because of an imbalance of water and sodium. Most frequently it occurs when excessive water dilutes the amount of sodium in the body or when not enough total sodium is present in the body.
Many possible conditions and lifestyle factors can lead to hyponatremia( low sodium), including:Consuming excessive water during exercise, Addison's disease, hypothyroidism,diuretics,Syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone (SIADH),Primary polydipsia, Certain medications. Some medications, such as some antidepressants and pain medications,The recreational drug Ecstasy,Chronic, severe vomiting or diarrhea, Dehydration,Diet. A low-sodium, high-water diet can disturb the proper balance between sodium and fluids in your blood, excessive intake of diuretics, including beer, can have the same effect,Cirrhosis, Kidney problems,Congestive heart failure.
If you have very low sodium then talk to your doctor and find out the exact cause so that it can be treated effectively.

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