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Pressure on diaphragm for the last few days on and off but

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pressure on diaphragm
for the last few days on and off but more and more feeling pressure on my diaphragm? between the ribs below the breast. it also lokos as if it is slightly swollen.
have had long time acid problems for which I use Olmeprazole.
also had some regurgitation of food (few times last week)
also have ulceritis colitis although that only flares up maybe once a year. Am abroad on holidays so wonder if I can wait to see a doctor until I get back home?
any suggestions would be most welcome.
Theo ***@******.***

Hi there,

Sorry t hear about your problem.

The pressure on the diaphragm & the 'swollen' feeling are likely related to your acid reflux disorder.

Idially, you should get a recent endoscopy to rule peptic ulcers & H pylori infection in the stomach which can worsen acid reflux symptoms.

Since, you are abroad, you can increase the dose of omeprazole to 40 mg twice a day till you are able to see your doctor.

This dose will control your symptoms effectively.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, smoking, hot & spicy food.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thanks for the speedy reply!
have been checking online for possible answers and get things like Hiatal Hernia:

is that a possibility or are the symptons more likely the result of long time acid problems as you suggested?


Very good concern.

Hiatal hernia is also a possibility, which is diagnosed with a CT scan of your abdomen.

Long time acid problem is more likely in your case.

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