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A couple of days ago, I fell and hit the back right side of

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A couple of days ago, I fell and hit the back right side of my head on the corner of a table. There feels to be a bump behind my right ear where my skull goes down towards my neck where my head hit the table and is a bit sore. I have not had any nausea, bleeding, or dizziness and sleeping is fine. Just hurts a bit when I sleep on that side and when I press on it. My fiance cannot see a bruise on the back of my head, but it is tender to the touch and swollen a bit. I put ice on it last night. My fiance thinks that I will be okay, but I am a hypochondriac and want to know if I need to go see a doctor. Thank you for your help.

Besides the pain in that area -- do you have any other neurologic symptoms such as:

worsening headache
nausea / vomiting
blurry vision
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No headache

No vomiting

No blurry vision-pupils not dilated, but when air hits them go smaller then a little larger

Tired, but I think it is only b/c I kept waking up last night to just make sure, but not really weak feeling

No numbness

No confusion

I think what bothers me is that no bruising has appeared and it is tender to the touch with some swelling. Should I be concerned or is there anything else that I should do? Thank you


It is unlikely that you suffered any serious brain injury, given the lack of any symptoms, and the fact you are feeling relatively well since this injury (two days ago).

Any serious head injury would have made itself known within the first few hours.

So you are safe there.

As for the pain -- the back of the head region has a thick layer of muscle that comes up to the neck and attaches to the back of the head. You may have bruised this muscle itself (which would not show up as a bruise on the skin, because the bruise is deep in the muscle). And bruising of muscle is usually more painful than just a bruise of the scalp.

So, it would seem that you can just make sure you continue to improve with time (it may be a couple of weeks).
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