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I have pain and tenderness right below my knee cap in the

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I have pain and tenderness right below my knee cap in the front, outside, and inside of my lower right knee. There is no swelling, bruising, or any sign of injury. I can still put wait on it and walk but walking for an extended period and up stairs causes it to be more uncomfortable. I woke up with pain last Saturday morning and it's still been bothering me. It feels a little bit weaker than my left knee. I still have full range of motion although it does feel a little stiff at times. I can stand on it with one leg ok.
Is this tendinitis or could it be something more serious? Thanks.

Did you injure it last week, prior to the pain starting?

Is there any pain that radiates elsewhere into the thigh, or the shin?

Does the knee and knee cap itself look normal? When it feels uncomfortable -- does your knee feel unstable (like the knee joint could slip)?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No, I didn't injure it. If I did, I don't remember doing it and there are absolutely no physical signs of injury. No brusing, cuts, redness, or anything.

The pain does radiate some into the top of the shin. Yes, the knee cap does look normal although I do feel some soreness from behind the knee cap. When I stand, it does feel stable.


When people have pain that is in front of the knee, as it seems is in your case -- the classic cause of this are issues with the tendons of the quadriceps or the patella (knee cap).

So a few potential causes:

patellofemoral syndrome

patellar tendonitis

other arthritic conditions / bursitis (probably less likely than the two above)

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