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CamilleRN, Nurse (RN)
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I am troubled by squeamishness about some parts of the body.

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I am troubled by squeamishness about some parts of the body.
For instance, I am troubled by a feeling of squeamishness about the tongue.
It is because the tongue is a sensitive thing and is red, naked and tender.
It is not a major thing, but it does trouble me.
I am squeamish about tender areas of the body.
Am I the only person that experiences this and how can I best counter it?
If I a troubled by it while I am eating for instance, I think of the tongue in a strong way. I try to think of it as a tough machine rather than sensitive flesh and this is a very effective coping mechanism, but how can I eradicate such squeamishness and am I unique in these feelings? What is it about other people's minds which makes them not think like this?
To reiterate:
1) Why does no-one else view the tongue in this way?
2) Is any purpose served by such squeamish feelings? Is it true that everything we feel serves a purpose?
3) Does it make me a weak person?
Thanks for your advice.
Hi and thank you for your question. Are you currently taking any medications or supplements?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am not taking any medications
You are experiencing a phobia. Some people have phobias about spiders, trees, peanut butter.. you happen to have one relating to the tongue. When you continue to think about it this is obsessive behavior.. many people have obsessive behavior as well. None of this makes you weird or odd. What is recommended for something like this is cognitive behavioral therapy to get at the root cause of the phobia and to help you eliminate it over time. There are many good self help books, but ideally, a psychiatrist could help you best.
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