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Valarie, Nurse (RN)
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earth, grow in the soil, in animals, in birds, in hospitals and clinic

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Can you help me to grasp the unreasoning of most physicians who say that "we don't have a worm and parasite problem in the U.S." There is no logic in such a statement, since worms and parasites live all over the earth, grow in the soil, in animals, in birds, in hospitals and clinic--in you. No one can kill all of the zillions of species nor their carriers. So why are people not being treated for parasite and worm infestation. They are not imaginary, they are are real, they exist everywhere, in everyone. So, please explain--what is the reason for such a---I don't know exactly what to call it--a cop-out? Please, with your expertise--give me an answer.



Thank you for visiting JustAnswer, and welcome.


You have a very interesting question. Since there is plenty of information about human parasitic infestations and problems within the United States, I would like to ask you how many physicians have told you there is no problem in the U.S.


The other thing I would advise is---if this physician is your physician, perhaps you should find another.


Anyway, could you further explain your problem? Is there something you need help with, specifically?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Valerie, I can't remember how many physicians--really they are physicians, have told me this. And I was spoken to as if I must be the second most-stupid person in the U.S. Anyway, I have used my small amount knowledge to try and find a solution for my many years of constant suffering. By using herbal colon-cleansers, I have been able to know for a certainty why I can't have just one day of my life free of severe pain and chronic fatigue and restless nights.
I even called the Center for Disease Control, the one that the U.S. uses to record and control such infectious diseases. I was asked questions like-- my name, my age, and then I was told that this is usually a problem in underdeveloped countries, and I would have to have a doctor's referral for them to investigate. Why would they give a referral for something they say doesn't exist. Help me, please.



What kinds of testing have you had for your symptoms? What kinds of symptoms do you have? And--what kind of infection do you suspect you have?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have had stool exams that were always said to be negative for worm eggs. I probably had 2-3 of those, and I was sent to an oncologist at some point. Im telling you things that happened a few years back. After being made to feel ignorant, I stopped trying to discuss it. Until about 2 months ago, I mentioned to my present doctor that I suffered from large round worm. His reply was, " you have round worm?" My answer, "Yes, and I have been treated a few years ago -- maybe 2005--but, the problem is still here." His reply, "So how is your diabetes." Laugh--I have to in order to keep a measure of sanity. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I was given what I found out later to be low dose treatments of medicine for the problem. I actually called one doctor and asked if I could bring the actual evidence of my problem to him in a container, hoping he would send it to the hospital lab or CDC or somewhere. His reply, "I think you need to see another doctor." He gave me a the name of another doctor, that I chose not to even discuss the problem with. It is an embarrasing problem to most people, I have talked to. But since I have learned just how prevalent it is, my embarrassment narrows to--fight to stay alive.
What kinds of symptoms are you experiencing?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Irritable Bowel--excruciating--Syndrome. Itching, crawling, irritating movement in and around my anus. Sleeplessness, hunger every 2-3 hrs. Reflux, when I'm not too nauseated to eat. And when I take a certain herbal treatment--I endure the straining, and pain that accompanies the expelling of large, rubbery, dead, foul smelling creatures from my colon.



If you are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms, and believe you are expelling parasitic debris in your stools, it seems that it would be a simple enough test to have this properly diagnosed. You mentioned round worms before---is this what you are expelling?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It appears from my research to be round worm, but I have seen evidence some years ago of a tapeworm. Do you know what the test is so that I might get the diagnosis you mentioned? And can you give me a referral as to whom I might go to for the test?



For either of those types of infections the testing is done with a stool sample. Sometimes you may need a barium enema or other imaging studies of the bowel to look for any damage done. But the stool sample is tested first. There is also a "string test", in which you swallow a capsule with a special type of string in it. One end is attached to your cheek. The string is long enough to reach the small intestine, and after some time it is pulled out and examined microscopically for any debris from parasites or worms. Giardiasis is another very common parasitic infection that can cause chronic problems, and a blood test can be done for this.


Here is a genuine medical site that talks about these things: University of Maryland's page about Intestinal Parasites. It's too bad, most of what I could find for your reference were sites that are trying to sell something.


Here is a page from Mayo Clinic about Detection of Intestinal parasites. I have not watched this yet (but I'm going to), but Mayo Clinic has good information so there may be something here that is useful to you.


I really wish you the best in this. I hope you can get a confirmation one way or the other about your problems. If I find anymore useful information for you, I will pass it along.


Please know, however. There are areas within the United States that have terrible problems with worms and parasites, especially with children. I just think most people would rather not think about how easy it can be to contract an infection like this.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I 'm sorry I had to leave for a while. I am about to check out the websites you recommended. But, if you can come up with anything else--the treatments, the dosages, what to ask the doctor in order to be heard and where to go in Georgia--U.S., please let me know. This is not some idiotic prank, this is a real and very infectious, debilitating disease that billions of people are suffering with and dying from, daily. I am strengthened to continue each day because of my Faith in a promised relief by means of Christ Jesus. Once again, I appreciate your help. Your knowledge, honesty and caring attitude mean more than I can tell you.
Please be encouraged by reading this scripture each day: John 17:3 promises everlasting life to those who learn the "truth about the only true God, and His Son. The Son's Father is listed first and at John 14:28, The son says "The Father is Greater than he is." There are are two distinct people mentioned--not one. Thank you so much.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Valerie, I am so sorry that I didn't realize I needed to press the accept button. I do accept your help. And thanks for taking time to get helpful info before giving me an answer.
You are very welcome. And thank you!! I will certainly keep an eye out for more information. You can check back in this thread (question page) from time to time if you like. Take care good care of yourself.