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I'm a 49 year old female. I am not overweight. I am not

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I'm a 49 year old female. I am not overweight. I am not exercising much but I do walk some. I have been having trouble getting to sleep at night because my left foot and leg tingle a lot and sometimes pain will shoot down my foot. I am trying different sleeping positions, and using a rolled towel only (no pillow) under my neck and a rolled pillow under my back. This has helped only marginally. My left foot will also tingle during the day if I am seated in the same position for long. Can you help? I have no insurance so I haven't seen a doctor for this. Thanks.
i am working on your symptoms and wish to ask you
1) have you tested for diabetes?
2) is there burning sensations there too?
3) a shooting pain in the foot . are there pains like an electrical current going down the foot?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello Dr Aroara.
1) I have not tested for diabetes. I do not beleive I am diabetic, and it does not run in my family. My weight is normal.
2) Yes
3) Yes
from the answer you have given it seems to me like it is a compression of a nerve root caught up between two bodies of vertebrae at lumbar level, the nerve is under constant pressure which becomes severe at time , and there could be shocks and shooting pain traveling down because of sudden more compression in odd positions of spine
the simple treatment to do is
1) lie down on BELLY, keep your legs straight and then raise one of your legs without raising your neck
2) lie down on belly and raise your neck only
3) like down on belly and bend neck and spine and raise the legs.
4 continue deep breathing while doing this
repeat each ecercise for 10 times and do it three times a day

medication for pain is bruphen or ibobruphen taken once a day in cases of untolerable pain

rest (complete) as much as possible and try to lie on belly most of the time.

another breathing exercise is pranayum ( you can get info on net to do those exercises

there is no need to apply any oil or linament
a diclofenac ointment can be applied on the back three hourly.

also hot bags should be kept on back while lying down on belly
massage the back when you lie on belly (a massager or any one can just rub your back after applying diclofenac jelly

this will take a weeks time to get relieved by 80%
care of back is important
do not push objects pull them
do not bend back
do not lift or carry more than 4 kgs or 12lbs .
do not bend in to see car bonnet or dikky.(rear compartment of car) this causes a crik suddenly
use a thin pillow to have it as back rest while sitting .

my post is open until you are satisfied with your questions
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Wow, thank you for your thorough response. I have to say I am surprised that I should be resting on my belly, but after reading your response I will try it.

Please allow me to ask, am I to lie on my belly to sleep at night, or just for excercises and to rest for a period of time during the day?

Also, what if it hurts more when I lie on belly?

I will be happy if I am 80% relieved after one week. If I am not, what should I do?

Thanks for answering my additional questions.
most of my patients respond by this simple treatment because man never rests himself in that position . resting on belly helps the disc to fall back to its original place and also other issues fall back into anatomical position . most of back pains are caused by forward bending and naturally if you do a reverse movement ( you have to get symptoms relieved) this exercise was done by ***** ***** the famous karate and kung fu fellow who had broken his back ( fractured it) and he did this exercise for six months without meds , just took rest and did exercises lying on his belly .
the next step pulling your legs and some one has to do that for you and keep them dragging tiill you catch the head end of the bed and resist being dragged
this way you create a distance between two vertebrae and releasing the nerve . though one needs help , a simpler way is to buy a traction set for spine traction.
lying on belly is not natural position so initially you may feel exerted and aggrevated
because you will be releasing structures which had remain compressed because of over weight
some how have the initiative to start doing stretching exercises once the pain goes away. theres no need to spend money on physio therapist or doctors just answer is your answer here.
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