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Dr. Amit, Doctor
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What is the connection between stuttering and heightened

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what is the connection between stuttering and heightened sensitivity to sound?
Hi and thank you for your question. The connection may be autism, as Hypersensitivity to sound known as hyper acute hearing, and Stuttering may coexist with this disorder.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well, maybe i should detail my question. autism isn't something that could happen at once and then disappear. i'm 22 and was in a car accident a few weeks back. this past thursday, (out of nowhere) the sounds around me became amplified like 5x and i began stuttering. it lasted til the next day and as soon as it had come it just as suddenly stopped. i was given earplugs in the e.r. which only solved half the problem. the stuttering and sensitivity to noise seem to coincide seeing as how they both started and stopped around the same time. what connection could that be?
Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer once again. Can you kindly tell more info about following ..1) Was there any head injury associated with accident? or on face ?... 2) Any episode of unconciousness therafter? 3) Are you on any continuous medicine/drugs? These will help in replying to your query in a better way. Regards
Hyperacusis can happen spontaneously in the event of a tramatic brain injury. and I quote" Since the auditory system connects the outer organs of hearing with the central nervous system, through a complex series of neural pathways, that literally pass through or coordinate with many diverse areas of the brain, there are endless possibilities for dysfunction that may contribute to hyperacusis. In other words, diagnosis is often extremely challenging and difficult to specifically locate a single structural change that is responsible for hyperacusis. There is no objective test for hyperacusis". It is not uncommon for this phenomenon to appear suddenly and resolve just as suddenly when it is secondary to brain trauma.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the airbag impacted the left side of my face so hard it caused nerve damage. (the lower left side is constantly tingling like its about to fall asleep and at times my tongue goes numb) also the lower left side of my face droops (as commonly seen in stroke victims). i am seeing an oral surgeon because my jaw is in constant pain. no loss of consciousness that i am aware of and not on any medicines. though if the pain gets too severe i take tylonel or some other type of pain killer
I am really sorry you have had this happen. The isolated episode of stuttering/hyper sensitivity to hearing most likely occured as a result of the impact to your head. The tingling and numbness may be a temporary result of swelling and nerve irritation. What did the CT scan of the head show? Was there a temporary bleed?
Thanks for the reply. Reading about the present history and symptoms, there is a very probable cause for connection of combined Hyperacusis (heightened sensitivity to normal everyday sounds) and sluttering
Facial nerve injury presents with both hyperacusis and speech difficulty. Actually a branch of facial nerve supplies a muscle named stapedius (middle ear structure)which regulates the impact of sound waves travelling from middle ear to internal ear and further to be perceived by brain. When this nerve is affected, auditory regulation to extreme range of sounds mainly high decibal sounds is affected and even normal sounds hear like shouts. Since facial nerve also regulates facial expression and muscle of lips named Orbicularis Oris(circular muscle around the mouth outlet) and Levator Labii Superioris (helps in lifting of upper lip) and also you are already experiencing facial droop (sign of facial nerve palsy) , speech becomes difficult and incoherent and stuttering is presented. Further stammering and stuttering are commonly seen in hyper-anxiety state and stress, which you were definitely on during that instant period (may be still is).Further in case, of internal head injury, sluttering may present, which may or may not be associated with hyperacusis being of different cause. Yes you should consult a Oro-Max surgeon and get the investigation like CT done. I hope this helped. Regards
Dr. Amit, Doctor
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1042
Experience: MBBS, Licenced Medical Practitioner & Online Health Advisor & Writer
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