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i had posted a question because of facial nerve damage due

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i had posted a question because of facial nerve damage due to a car accident a few weeks ago. since the accident i had a few moments where my sensitivity to noise had become extremely heightened. that was never consisten until two days ago. all at once i got nauseaus and began vomitting, dizziness, everything around me became so loud that it hurt, pressure headaches, and i began stuttering. all these symptoms lasted about a day and a half then disappeared. i still have a slight headache and woke up a bit nauseaus and dizzy but that has gone away as the day has passed. i need to know what could've possibly caused the original symptoms


Actually in accident you have damaged one branch of facial nerve called chorda tympani which passes through the middle ear and supply one ear muscle called stapedius.Now this muscle controlls the loud sounds and lowers them to a tolerable level.In your case as this nerve is damage and hence this muscle is paralysed so you are suffering from a condition called Hyperacusis .But probably the damage is partial so you had your symptoms just for somtime.There is also possibilty that main damage is to middle ear through which this nerve passes.Possibly when the nerve healing will take place the symptoms will also be gone.You should do facial exercises that msut be told by your physician .



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
and what about the stuttering? the stuttering only came when the sounds seemed to be amplified. (heightened sensitivity to sound)
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i will accept the question because you did answer part the question but i was still curious about the stuttering, i had reposted the question and one of the other doctors seemed to give me a more accurate response. thank you