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Dr_Aroara, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  MD; Medicine: br -7. MB; BS. Bombay, King Edward Memorial Hospital, mumbai 12
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A week ago I got into a car accident. Since then ive had the

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A week ago I got into a car accident. Since then i've had the normal accompanying aches and pains in my neck, upper and lower back. The problem is that the airbag hit me in the left side of my face. I've seen an oral surgeon after recommendations from my dentist. They said its possible TMJ because when I first went to eat after the accident i had an excruciating pain after biting down. I can now open my mouth and eat but I'm concerned because the lower left side of my face has this constant tingling (like when you're leg is going numb) feeling and my mouth also droops. I just want to know what it could possibly be and if its fixable

Thank you for writing to JustAnswer Health with your question.

Although it seems like the oral surgeon would have checked, I wonder if you have some type of nerve entrapment. It would seem obvious that you do if your mouth is drooping.

Was there any trauma to your head, any cuts or lacerations that occurred to your face, scalp or neck?

When you look in the mirror and smile do you see this drooping and or is your smile uneven?

Were any x-rays, CT scans done? IF so, were there any to your head and neck area?

Do you know if there is numbness, or just tingling to your lower left side of your face, and does it stay like this all the time.

I'll look for your reply.

If I don't respond it may be that I have to get off the computer for a bit - but please write back your details. Basically it seems you need more diagnositic work and to see a neurologist most likely.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The airbag impacted the left side of my face and ripped my earring from my ear (though the ear post was stuck in). My ear and jaw became severely swollen and the swelling lasted about 5 days. My face was cut/burned from the airbag. I remember telling the paramedics after they pulled me from the car that it felt like my face was bleeding. Yes, when I smile, talk , or even when my mouth is closed my parents pointed out that my face is "drooping." I only recieved a facial cat scan at the hospital and the oral surgeon did an xray of my jaw I believe. (no other xrays were done) My chin feels numb which comes and goes but the rest is just more of a persistent tingling feeling.

If it is some kind of nerve damage is that fixable?

the facial nerve has five sub nerves

YOUR FACIAL NERVE has suffered the brunt of the accident
also other nerve traumatised is trigeminal nerve this has branches
maxillary and mandibular
mandibular nerve seems to be traumatised.

physiotherapy, facial stimulations and facial exercises with high doses of vitamin B12 is needed.

Edited by Dr_Aroara on 11/1/2009 at 10:05 PM EST
Its a fixable condition and can take upto 12 weeks for a 90% result, all depends also on physiotherapy, your motivation to get well fast, exercises of the face, speech and doing exercises like blowing, holding your lips tight and other exercises as given by the physio-occupational therapist.
Dr_Aroara, Doctor
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 86
Experience: MD; Medicine: br -7. MB; BS. Bombay, King Edward Memorial Hospital, mumbai 12
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