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I am having back problems and am losing my mobility. I have

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I am having back problems and am losing my mobility. I have been unable to find a good primary care physician in Tallahassee, FL who will refer me anywhere I need to go. My health insurance is Capital Health Plan. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Will you please answer somwe questions-

-Since when it is there?
-What are the aggravating or relieving factors?
-Does it radiates to leg?
-Is there any weakness in legs?
-Any history of diabetes or high blood pressure or excessive stress?
-Any history of trauma?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It began after a strenuous walk on 4/26/09. Lying on my front side relieves it. Sitting aggravates it. It radiates (nerve pain/numbness) to legs. No diabetes. Have high blood pressure. Only stress is this chronic pain and inability to find a good doctor here in Tallahassee, Florida.
Thanks for providing the information.

It looks that you may have a pinched nerve in your back which is giving the spasm or pain in back with radiation to the lower limbs.Lying on the front side does relieves the compression so that you do get relief.I will advice you following to have relief-

1.At least have a x ray of your back to know the pathology.In this reference MRI scan will be best.

2.Use a lumbosacral corset which will help in avoiding the abnormal movement at your back & so that also keep away the abnormal strain on your back.

3.You may start mild analgesic like tylenol or a combination of tramadol with paracetamol like that in ultracet for relief from your doctor on prescription.

4.Do warm fomentation on your back it will help in relieving the muscle tension & give you relief.

5.Keep your blood pressure & stress under control by practising the yoga & meditation.

6.Ask your physical therapist to use traction therapy,infra red or ultrasonic for relief in pain.

7.I think you should consult to an orthopedic doctor for your problem.It will be helpful for you.

Hope all this will help in relieving your problem.

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