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I have kidney pain only at night while sleeping. It wakes me

Resolved Question:

I have kidney pain only at night while sleeping. It wakes me up
so I checked my blood pressure and most of the time it's 85/55.
Can too low of blood pressure cause this? I have already been checked
for kidney stones and I only have one VERY small one in the left kidney. My blood pressure when I see the doctor is always on the low side like 112/73.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Dev replied 8 years ago.
Hello Ray.

A low blood pressure would decrease perfusion to all organs, over a period of time, decreased functional status would result.
A persistently low BP needs to be investigated and treated.
A systolic BP below 90 is considered low.

The most important cause of low blood pressure is faulty nutrition.This can result from diet deficient in calories, proteins, vitamin C or almost anyone of the B Vitamins.

Sometimes, the blood pressure falls rapidly because of hemorrhage or loss of blood.
Low blood pressure may also develop gradually because of slow bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, or through the kidneys or bladder.

Emotional problems are a far more frequent cause of low blood pressure. To a lesser degree, prolonged disappoint¬ment and frustration may result in a subnormal blood pressure.
Heredity also plays a role and low blood pressure runs in certain families. Their blood pressure continues to be low, irrespective of what they eat and how they live.he cause for this.

Low BP can also mean that the heart might not be pumping blood effectively, A cardiovascular examination ( ECHO, ECG) will reveal details , should this be the cause.

You should keep in mind these facts and consult your physician , for a thorough evaluation.



Critical Care physician

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