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Verify the safety of the following pediatric dosage ordered.

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Verify the safety of the following pediatric dosage ordered. If the dosage is safe, calculate one dose and the IV volume to infuse one dose
ordered fro a child weighing 15 kg
D5 0.45% NaCl IV at 53 mL/h with ampicillin 275 mg IV q4h infused over 40 min by volume control set
Recommended dosage: ampicillin 100-125 mg/kg/day in 6 divided doses
on hand: ampicillin 1g / 10mL
Safe daily dosage range for this child:______mg/day to _____mg/day
Safe single doseage range for this child:________mg/dose to ______mg/dose.
Is the ordered dosage safe?______
If safe, give______mL/dose. If not safe, describe the next step_______
IV fluid volume to be infused in 40 min:_______mL. Add_______mL ampicillin and ______mL D5 0.45% NaCl to the chamber


Safe daily dosage range = 1500mg/day to 1875mg/day

Safe single dosage range = 250mg/dose to 312.5mg/dose

The ordered dosage is safe (275mg x 6 doses/day = 1650mg)

give 2.75 ml/dose

IV volume to be in infused in 40 min = 35.33ml

Add 2.75ml ampicillin and 32.6ml D5 0.45% NaCl to chamber

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