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Karen RN, BSN
Karen RN, BSN, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  Over 30 years of experience in Med Surg nursing, Oncology, Neurology, Home health and Hospice
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Hello, I am a 27 years old female with recent dizzy spells

Customer Question


I am a 27 years old female with recent dizzy spells (daily). I do not take meds (except pill & gaviscon once a week) or drugs. I am a smoker (15 cigs/day). The diziness usually happens while standing but will not subside immediately after I sit. It went on while I was lying down 2 days ago. I have frequent nausea & belching (almost daily) have had some ongoing stomach hyperacidity problems. Was on nexium for a year. Also, I have a precisely located pain on the right side of my sternum above the nipple that is worse in the morning and sometimes accompanied by wheezing.I also experience symptoms of hypoglemia (all my life) wich are usually limited to nausea, shaking, confusion & emotionnal changes. I experience rapid heart rate when standing. Have been tested for anemia, diabetes & thyroid, all results fine. What could the dizziness be caused by & the chest pain? Could they be related? Could it be smoking-related? Anyhting else I could look into or tell my doctor about?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Karen RN, BSN replied 7 years ago.

Hi Thank you for contacting Just Answer. Lets address each of these issues. You are having dizzy spells when you stand up, which is not always releaved by recumbant position. This soulds like you have a drop in blood pressure when you stand. This could be due to a bleeding problem in your stomach, since you have been bothered by acid reflux for over a year. You should have stools for OB, and probably an EDG.

As far as the hypoglycemia--this also could be responsible for the dizzyness-but you are not treating it correctly by eating sugary foods..Hypoglycemia should be addressed with frequent protein snacks. The sugary foods will only make you have another hypglycemic incident in an hour or so. You should be tested for diabetes. No doubt the chest pain and wheezing can be from chronic bronchitis and should be worked up with a chest x-ray and possible MRI.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks. I have already been tested for diabetes. Results negative. Also, is there any way pain could be related to reflux since it's mostly in the morning & worse when eating certain things not when breathing & i'm not coughing, no fever.
Expert:  Karen RN, BSN replied 7 years ago.

Hi again, I'm glad you have been tested for diabetes, it frequently follows a prolonged history of hypoglycema The pain could be related to the reflux, however that is usually not on the right side and not above the nipple line> You might try elevating the head of your bed and not drinking fluids for an our before you go to bed. To elevate the head of your bed you should place something under the head portion of your bed or place the bed frame head end on 4-6 inch blocks. Just using extra pillows only elevated your head not your chest.

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