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I am currently on my period and felt a lump underneath my

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I am currently on my period and felt a lump underneath my armpit.It feels sore.I had a mamagram and biopsy in feb this year as I had some calcium spots.It was all clear.I am 35.I feel worried.
Do you have any family history of breast, colon or ovarian cancer?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No none at all.I felt a lump last year and the doctor wanted to be sure so they referred me.I have lumpy breasts and so it was nothing.They found the calcium spots through the mamagram and I also had a scan.Everything was clear.Just flet this lump today and it is like a little pea.Hard and sore.I am working in Hong Kong for a week so very worries as cannot see my doctor
Most likely this is cycling with the 'progesterone' level later in your cycle called the luteal phase. If the lump does NOT disappear, then this would be reason to be seen. But, also realize that a majority of the breast tissue is actually located in the 'armpit'. And, since you have the 'lumpy breasts' - this would be very normal for you. Do you know what the Mammogram BIRADS category was - I'm assuming it was a 1 or 2 and this would be okay. Take care.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have been told by a private specialist that I am very low risk for breast cancer and that I wouldn't need to check for 12 months as they took fluid from my breast and also did a biopsy.The biopsy they did for my peace of mind as they scan showed it wasn't sinister.Does that sound correct
That sounds perfect and that was the correct thing to do. I would just watch the 'lump' and it if doesn't disappear by the end of the year, then you should have it re-checked. I hope this helps, pleast take care and please click on ACCEPT as this would be appreciated. Thank you.
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