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Category: Health
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I had a chronic cough (bad) for about nine months. It was so

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I had a chronic cough (bad) for about nine months. It was so bad MD said I had pneumonia, but that wasn't it. I had thyroid cancer. The day my thyroid was removed, the cough stopped. That was two years ago. Now, the cough is back and I'm concerned. i was laid off from my job as a Hospice nurse, and can't afford the $500+ Cobra payment.
well you should use mucinex upto 1200 mg twice a day along with prilosec OTC. this will help control the cough. not all coughis linked with thyroid cancer/ disease. also review of medicine should be done for side effects esp lisinopril which cause cough. if problem persist add tessalon perles and a steroid taper.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have taken prednizone, tessalon pearls, and an still taking Prilosec OTC BID. The Guafinisen didn't make any difference.
In that case start singulair and advair diskus/ albuterol inhaler.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The inhaler helped, but only with the wheezine. That has cleared up, but the cough continues, despite the inhaler.
it can take few weeks for cough to get better. just continue the same medicines. also make sure your heart function is good and not causing cough.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have had the cough for over a month now, (six weeks). Also, I had extensive allergy testing before they discovered the thyroid cancer and there were no allergies. The only thing I have been doing differently lately is paiting my family room. Could the paint have something to do with this?
definitely yes. please stop painting. the fumes are irritating to airway leading to ongoing cough.
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