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In early August a duct blocked with gallstones and I spent 2

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In early August a duct blocked with gallstones and I spent 2 days in ICU on IV. I was very weak but the doctor told me to go home, don't irritate the system and come back in 6 weeks for surgery. I decided to try a gallstone disolve/flush product which I have been on for about 6 weeks now and the gallstones have not blocked again, are passing daily. My diet has changed, but carrots, celery, oatmeal and instant grits do not provide a great deal of energy and I am still tired and weak, with constant abdominal pain, unless I am lying down. It was a sudden occurance that has drawn out. Can anyone give me the name of a cookbook for this problem? Or an expanded diet for life to address this problem? The stones and silt have decreased tremndously and so not exist (that I can observe) on celery and carrots alone.


In general, a "gallbladder safe" diet incorporates all the food groups, including dairy and meat products, but in a low fat or nonfat form. As you get better, it is important to include such protein sources in your diet to promote healing and some energy. If you wish to remain on a basically vegetarian diet, you will still need to eat more protein sources such as legumes and whole grains. You still need fats in your diet as well, though small amounts of vegetable based fats, and fats from cold water fish.

I know of many people that have managed their gallstones successfully without surgery. But you must be careful and make sure to have any problematic symptoms checked out to avoid liver and/or pancreas damage and other GI problems. If you are still having symptoms, make sure to see your doctor periodically to have some blood tests to monitor for liver and pancreatic function.

Here is a link to a site that seems to go along the same line of thinking you are following, and also has some recipe suggestions: Gallbladder

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
A problem mentioned was that the bladder was not flushing often enough which caused the build-up of stones over time. Meat was ruled out as well as bread. Barley bread homeade I think will be benificial. But can the cyst he memtioned be causing the pain mid-abdomen, right side? Associated with the liver hormonal embalance that must also be corrected. I was hoping there was a site or cookbook that addressed these particular problems since they have become so common. Just bending over I trun yellow, a part of it that, form what I understand, is because the bladder empties without food to work with-is that so, and if so how do I stop that?


Your gallbladder empties (normally) in response to fats in the diet. If you are not eating any fat, your gallbladder may still be doing this. Right sided mid-abdominal pain can be caused by your gallstones (very painful when they pass through the biliary duct and especially when they get "stuck"). Passing stones can cause blockages of bile that will back up and cause the gallbladder to swell and become inflamed. This also causes pain. It could also be caused by this "cyst" depending on where it is and what it is.

So, if your gallbladder does not empty, it can create more stones. And when you eat fats necessary to stimulate the gallbladder to empty, you will have pain because of the stones passing, or trying to and the resulting blockage.

In the meantime, you can't eat enough to give yourself any energy. And what you do eat may not be digested properly without bile, and possibly with damage to the pancreas that also provides digestive enzymes.

If your liver enzymes are elevated, this means that your liver is being damaged by this whole process. It might also be affecting your pancreas. This cyst may be a sign that there is infection involved also. Eventually you could develop cirrhosis, which is irreversible damage to your liver.

Here is a link to basic information about this problem, with a picture so you can visualize the whole process: Gallstones

Cooking and recipes for this type of problem would be included in your basic "Low fat" diet. If you have surgery to correct this problem, this would also be the appropriate diet to be on.

My best advice to you at this point: I think your gallbladder problems have gone well beyond the point of dietary control and healing. You need medical intervention (surgery), and then you can consider the dietary control to prevent further problems.

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