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I have this re-occuring problem on my right inner thigh

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I have this re-occuring problem on my right inner thigh right at the join to the genital area. I have this small lump that every once in a while inflames up, more frequently over the past few weeks. When it flares up it gets quite large, more an oval shape than round with a large yellow head. It gets quite painful but if i dont pop it it eventually pops itself oozing yellow puss then clear then little blood. It goes back down to a bump that I can feel before happening again. I am spending quite a lot of time sitting at a computer at the moment also.
I suffer from some form of cyst on my lower back just at the tom of my bum which is geting dealt with in a month. I also had a scan a couple of years back and 2 cysts were found I think near my testicles on the same side I am having these problems.
On another issue I am getting slight pain/irritation down the left side of my penis. This only happens when i'm seated. It does not hurt when urinating???


Your cyst that you are having on your inner thigh might require incision and drainage and oral and topical antibiotics before it will completely go away. When these 'cyst' reoccur like this, it is best to have them surgically drained and treated. The area you have described on your backside is often called a pilonidal cyst. This occurs because a small amount of debris, hair, or bacteria get lodged and becomes infected. This actually affects men more than women. You can click here for more about pilonidal cyst.

If you continue to have slight pain/irritation down the left side of your penis and it does not resolve on it's own in a few days or gets worse or you start to develop new symptoms (such as painful urination), it would be a good idea to let your GP know in case they want to examine you.

Hope this helps! Reply back if needed


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have had the slight pain for over 10 days now. I am not exercising regular and spending all day at a computer. I have no visual signs, blisters,marks and it is only on the left side. Slightly burning but hard to describe. I am offshore at the minute and the medic has no clue what it may be. The cyist on my upper thigh is more towards my genitals than thigh. Is this common?????

Yes, it can be common to have a cyst in this area and this might be where your pain is coming from. You have lymph nodes in this area and if infection is nearby, you could be having pain from the infection that is not resolved. I would recommend that you see your GP as soon as you get the chance.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok, thankyou, my cyist is on the right side and the pain is on the left. It is not sore but I know it is there, it is strange to say what its like. Sometimes feels as though its been knocked on something but I know this has not happened. It is worrying me a little!!!! The medic says it could be the way i am sitting all the time but I am unsure of this
As I said before, it could be related to the infection, but there us no way of giving you any new additional information when you are not even sure what you are feeling (hard to describe I know) Vague symptoms such as these are very hard to address on a forum like this. Infection can certainly cause pain and can cause the pain to feel as though it us radiating, so my best advice is to still have your inner thigh and penis examined as soon as possible.
I hope you feel better soon!