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can GERD also cause chest pain, like someone is sitting on

Resolved Question:

can GERD also cause chest pain, like someone is sitting on my chest? I have been to the
ER 3 times in the past 2 months. They gave me morphine to stop the pain, which it did. But this is occurring almost everyday. It gets worse when i start to walk around, the pressure is unbearable. I also have fibromyalgia, could this be part of it too? If i take pain meds, it lessens the pressure and pain, but I can't keep taking this, i can't function on a daily basis.
Also when i get this, if i take the pain meds, use a heating pad, i'm able to pass gas which gives me relief. The doctor gave me Levsin, which i took yesterday and i got worse.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 7 years ago.



Greetings and welcome to justanswer,


How long are you having such symptoms?

did you have any investigation or consulted a GI yet?

what are the drugs you are taking and in what doses?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have had stomach pains on and off for a couple of years, but these past 2 months, i would usually take Gas-X and it worked. I started getting this constant pressure in my chest, like someone is sitting on it, it gets worse when I try to get up and walk around. Yes I consulted a GI 2 weeks ago, He had me go for a lower bowel and pelvic cat scan which came back normal. I keep ending up in the ER room a couple of times, i think 3 because the pain gets so bad, they give me morphin to stop the pain and send me home. The ER dr. gave me Levsin, which made my pains worse. He also gave me protonix 40mgs, which i have not tried, i'm afraid to. I am very drug sensitive and I'm afraid to take it in fear that I will get worse stomach pains. I've tried zantac 75, it worked for 1 day, then the pains started again. I'm looking for something at a low dosage, that will work fast, I can't get back to my dr. because of the pain, I would never make it to the office. CAN YOU HELP ME???
I also have fibro, asthma and severe anxiety & panic disorder, which makes it 10's worse.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
P.S. I am also on a low dose 2 mgs of prednisone for my asthma, and have been for almost 3 years
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 7 years ago.



Thank you for the information,


The GERd may cause such symptoms of pain due to irritation of the upper esophageal mucosa.It may appear to be originating from the chest which may become worse on lying or after food with change in posture.


The other cause could be the chest pain originating due to cardiac cause.The unstable angina or myocardial iscahemia may also cause such pain and should be ruled out.


The panic discorder may also cause such pain and should be treated as well.


The improvement of symptoms after taking the zantac suggest that the pain may be due to the GERd which causes reflux esophagitis in you.You do need to take the proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole, pantaprozole, etc. daily to control the symptoms.The anatcid drugs like salt of aluminium hydroxide is also recommended.The motility drugs like metaclopromide is also helpful.


You should get the relevant investigations done like endoscopy of upper abdomen,exercise treadmill test, 2d echo of heart after consulting your doctor to know the associated abnormality.


You should also avoid smoking and alcohol if you do so and take less spicy food and caffeine in your diet.The GERd usually can be managed by drug therapy but in some cases the surgical fundal plication may be required to control the symptoms.



The treatment is according to the cause.



Here is the link for more information


home remedy for gerd





Let me know if you have any doubt.


thank you!

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