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I have been having severe muscle pain for the last 2 weeks.

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i have been having severe muscle pain for the last 2 weeks. i have had lots of blood tests but they were all clear.I am still in pain i feel very weak and i feel every inch of my body is throbbing with pain,i have no other symtoms with it.The pain feels like i have just ran the marathon and i have pulled all my muscles in my body.i feel really depressed.
   Will you please answer some questions to serve you better-
1.What are the aggravating or relieving factors for this?
2.Is there any associated fever, continuous or intermittent?
3.Is there any cough or throat pains?
4.Is there any burning urination?
5.Is there any abdominal pain?
6.Is there any rashes on body?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it feels worse after physical activity even slightly.
No relieving factors
No fver
No cough or throat pain
No burning urination
No abdominal pain
No rashes.
This type of generalized muscle pain does generally occur in following conditions-

1.With muscle injury or trauma.

2.Stress or anxiety issues.

3.Infection (bacterial or viral)

4.Lack of sleep.


6.After doing heavy manual labor leading to rhabdomyolysis.

7.Electrolyte imbalances.

By looking at the details it does lookto be previral symptoms or any thing induced by trauma.You should search for the issues related with stress either physical or mental to your body.You may do following to have relief-

1.Do have some anti inflammatory drugs like advil for few days.

2.Drink a good amount of electrolyte rich fluids like powerade or gatorade.

3.Sleep soundly for 7-8 hours.

4.Take the help of yoga & meditation.

5.Take supplements of vitamins containing vitamin B complex & minerals.

6.Have a sufficient exposure to sunlight for vitamin D as its deficiency may also lead to such symptoms.

Hope this will be helpful.

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